The Empire Summer Holstein Blast!

The Cattle Exchange and the New York Holstein Association are pleased to announce the Empire Summer Holstein Blast. The sale
will be held at the Seneca County Fairgrounds, 100 Swift St, Waterloo, NY, and will be held in conjunction with Empire Farm Days on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 5 pm.

The Empire Summer Holstein Blast will feature 45 elite consignments from New York and around the country. Call today for a catalog 607-746-2226 or email us: info@cattlexchange.com!

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Empire Summer Blast
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When your life savings are on the line and you only have one chance to do it right, call The Cattle Exchange!

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With The Cattle Exchange we guarantee payment and our biggest concern is our clients bottom line! Top prices for the least cost!


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Upcoming Sales/Results

August 7th: Empire Summer Holstein Blast! Waterloo, NY. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

September 20: SUNY Morrisville Autumn Review Sale. Morrisville, NY.

Sale Results

July 24th: Sexing Technologies Multi Breed Production Sale & Seminar! Lincoln University, PA.
Sale Averages:
Registered Holsteins: $2,662
Grade Holsteins: $2,547
Jerseys: $2,214
Brown Swiss: $3,859

July 19th: Spruce Haven Select Sale II. Union Springs, NY. Sale Average: $2,981 on 102 Lots.

June 19th: Rolling Meadow Farm Complete Dispersal. Chambersburg, PA. Sale Average: $2,057 on 223 Lots.

June 14th: Bellvale Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Sale Average: $2,535 on 140 Lots.

31st: Woodcrest Bridge to Excellence Sale II. Sale Average: $5,411 on 94 Lots.

The Woodcrest Bridge To Excellence Sale II, Ogdensburg, NY reached an average of $5411 on a sun filed day of May 31, 2014.

Topping the sale at $18,000 was Woodcrest Colt 45 Slung-ET*RC*PC, a 12/13 Mr Chassity Colt 45-ET*RC and out of Ladys-Manor La Rd Sung-ET (VG-88, 2y EX-MS). The next nine dams are VG or EX from the Ruby-D family. Slung is +2294GTPI +1399M +50F +47P +623NM +4.3PL +3.49T. She was struck off to Mike Reuter of Bronxville, NY (David Rama, agent).

Second high of this event was Shebs Goldwyn Haaii (EX-92) 3-07 119 13,055 3.6 465 2.7 357 (Inc.). She is a Goldwyn daughter of Quality-Ridge Champ Hope (EX-95 CAN) and her third dam is the highly regarded Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (2E-96). She was struck off to Scarlet Summer Holsteins of Muncy, PA  (where her purchase brings the herd total to 50 EX cows).

Bringing the next “most money” was Woodcrest Numerono Yuknow-ET at $14,800. She is a 10/13 Numero Uno with the following genomic stats of +2460 GTPI +2060M +73F +63P +835NM +6.7PL +2.77SCS. Her dam is a Planet and 2nd dam is Coyne-farms Bkye Yvonne-ET (VG-88 DOM) and the next four dams are VG. She is now the property of Rocky Mountain Dairy of Cochrane, AB, Canada.

4th high was Woodcrest Liq Gold Digga-ET, a 2/14 Liquid Gold and out of S-S-I Avery Dossie (VG-85, 2y). Digga is +2425GTPI ++1490M +91F +64P +805NM +4.9PL +2.89T. Her 2nd through 7th dams are VG or EX in the Snow-N Denises Dellia family. She was struck off to First Coast Genetics of St Johns, Florida for $14,200.

The sale was managed by the Cattle Exchange. Dave Rama, auctioneered. Horace Backus highlighted the pedigrees. Sale staff included Rick Allyn, Jamie Black, Dan Brandt, David Crack, Patricia Gifford, Ray LeBlanc, Dan Putnam, Nick Raggi, Rick Verbeek and Kevin Ziemba.

May 23rd: The Celebration of Lylehaven.  Sale Average: $5,934 on 133 Lots.

The Celebration of Lylehaven was just that.  A crowd of over six hundred people spilled out of the tent to make this a standing room only event as the curtain came down on one of the most respected breeding establishments of the Holstein industry.  One hundred and thirty three full lots crossed the ring to establish the sale average of $5935.

Owner, Jerry Rappaport welcomed the crowd and gave highlights of Lylehaven reaching this historic day. He recognized the past farm managers and offered his appreciation to the dedication and talent of current farm manager:  Sue Brown.

The presale buzz of Lylehaven Atwood Lylly-ET (EX-92) was realized as graced the ring to spirited bidding that saw the gavel fall at the $70,000 mark. Lylly is due in October 25th to Halogen and is working on her present record at 3-03 178 13,619 5.1 688 3.3 449. Lylly is an own daughter of the most highly influential cows in the quest for breeding perfection at Lylehaven, Thiersent Lili Starbuck (5E-94 3*). She became the property of Mike Garrow & Marlene Holmes of Chateauguay, NY.

Another daughter of Lili was second high of the dispersal at $22,000. Lylehaven  Amazing Lilia-ET is a March 2013 Mr Atlees Altaamazing-ET. A great Spring Yearling prospect for 2014 she will call Golden Oaks Farm of Wauconda, IL her new home.

The sale was managed by the Cattle Exchange. Dave Rama shared auctioneering duties with David Crack and Yvon Chabot handled pedigree announcements. Sale staff included Doug Siedel,  Justin Burdette, Pat Conroy, Scott Culbertson, Ray LeBlanc, Nick Raggi, Francis Bilodeau, Julien Chabot, Keven Moffett and Butch Crack. Merry Rama and Amber Newman  handled the clerking duties.


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