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560 Registered/sire ID Holsteins plus a few colored breeds! 280 cows & 280 heifers from springing down to newborn!  Plus 20 Guernsey’s & a few Jerseys! AI sired & years of DHIA testing! 
One of the most highly regarded freestall parlor trained herds in NY state! 

 RHA: 25,652M 4.2% 1079F 3.1% 775P * Last test 85lb avg. * SCC 200,000

Equipment & Feed will be offered on Saturday, April 13 starting promptly at 10:00 AM. 
Corn silage & haylage will be sold with estimations determined by Cooperative Extension!


Sale Managers note: Due to the passing of Jennifer Huntington, we have been commissioned to handle the liquidation of the cattle and equipment.  Jennifer was well respected and admired as a great cattle enthusiast and friend by all that knew her.  Plan to attend this incredible 2 day sale!  Executor:  Johna Peachin:


Sale will be Co-Managed by The Cattle Exchange, 4236 County Hwy. 18, Delhi, NY 13753 (607-435-0702) & Hosking Sales, 6071 State Hwy 8, New Berlin, NY 13411 (607-972-1770).