The Pinnacle of Peak sale held on Friday, April 28th 2017 in Madison, WI was a rousing success with 59 full Holstein lots averaging $17,500.00, and 6 Jersey lots averaging $15,575.00.  Total sale gross was $1,125,900.00

The Peak Genetics staff had every detail covered including a fabulous open house and dinner at 5:00PM for the more than 60 people in attendance.  Peak sale staff included Scott Culbertson, Jon Schefers and Mike Menendez.  In addition, Roger Turner presented updates and pedigree information, Dave Rama from The Cattle Exchange handled the gavel and Steve Berland, Jerry Jorgensen, Lloyd Simon and Kyle Demmer handled bids from the floor and the phones.  Cowbuyer was extremely active securing multiple bids on the evening.  Merry Rama handled clerking duties.

Topping the sale at $125,000.00 was lot 2 from Seagull Bay Dairy, the #1 GTPI Bourbon daughter in the breed +2860 from the same maternal line that has produced Jedi, Jett & Flagship!  She sold to Peak Genetics.  Terra Linda Holsteins of California was a major player and made some fabulous buys securing 14 lots on the evening.   Second high for the evening, lot 1A, also sold to Peak Genetics for $70,000.00.  This fabulous heifer sired by Modesty carried a GTPI +2863 and ranked in the top 100 for GTPI and NM$.  She was consigned by Bovine Genomic Partners of MI.  ST Genetics took home the #7 Bourbon daughter of the breed for $51,000.00 carrying a GTPI +2799 +104F +82P also consigned by Seagull Bay Dairy from Idaho.

The Pinnacle of Peak Sale provided breeders an opportunity to acquire some of the highest genetic females available today at very affordable prices!  We appreciate being able to work with the very professional staff at Peak Genetics and all the consignors involved with the sale as well as those breeders that made great purchases!  A first class event and great evening in Madison, WI!  Congrats to Peak Genetics!  DMR


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