The New York Holstein Harvest Sale. Hosted by Cornell University Dairy Science Club.
Sale average: $3380 on 95 full lots.
Complete buyers list can be found by clicking here

~ Note from the Sale Manager ~

The NY Holstein Harvest Sale on Saturday, October 29th promises to be a memorable day for all.  The cattle look tremendous with an outstanding array of high production young cows, a smashing set of bred heifers, flashy show prospects for next year & Genomic leaders for the future all backed by stellar maternal lines and the breeds greatest sires!  The sale will be broadcast live via with real time bidding to pre-approved bidders!

The NY Harvest Sale will also be the final sale for the legendary Horace Backus.  Horace is respected around the world for his knowledge of the breed and his 70 plus years of service and dedication to all.  For years to come, buyers from this year’s Harvest Sale will be showing off their purchases and their descendants with the following statement: “I bought her or I bought her mother in the NY Holstein Harvest Sale in 2016, the last sale Horace Backus ever read pedigrees at”.  A memory that will last a lifetime!

In addition, Patricia Gifford will be retiring at the end of the year as the NY Holstein Executive Secretary.  Patsy has worked hard to build the NY Holstein Association into the premier state association that it is today.  Coming off what many say is the greatest National Convention in memory and a strong, enthusiastic NY membership, we tip our hat to Patsy for all her efforts and guidance over the years.

To both Horace & Patsy, enjoy retirement and we will always look forward to seeing you at Holstein events!

Horace will be available to sign books he has authored prior to and immediately after the sale as well as sale catalogs!