The New York ET Convention Sale. Click Here to view the complete catalog!

The NY ET Convention Sale held on Thursday, January 13th started off with a bang as Lot 1 sold for $20,000.  Consigned by Maple Downs, Heath and Cooper, this pick of Snowman’s from a VG-89 Shottle sold to Todd Galton of Nunda, NY.  In all, 30 full lots averaged $8,097.00 with a total gross of $265,650.00 for the evening, making this the highest averaging Convention Sale of All-Time.

Rick Verbeek, Dan Brandt, Ray LeBlanc, Patsy Gifford and Jason Pullis handled numerous phone bids as well as catching bids from the crowd.  The team of Dave Rama and Horace Backus handled the gavel and pedigrees respectively.  Merry Rama clerked the sale and handled several phone bids including Lot 6, selling for $51,000.00 to Arethusa Farm.  This sensational Domain daughter consigned by King and Emerling came out with a GTPI +2366, one of the highest in the breed!

Thirteen lots sold for $6000.00 or higher.  The high embryos of the night (Lot 36A) sold for $800 ea.  Sired by Snowman from a VG-88 Goldwyn.  They were consigned by Welcome Stock Farm and purchased by Coyne Farms, Avon, NY.

Sexing Technologies procured some fabulous individuals including Lot 5, a Planet daughter consigned by Matt Steiner of Ohio from the world famous Missy family. Sexing Technologies also purchased Lot 7 for $20,000.00 consigned by Welcome Stock Farm.  These were a choice of 4 Observer daughters from a VG-86 Shottle with GTPI’S ranging from 2129 to 2302.  In addition, they purchased lots 8 and 23.

Congratulations to all consignors and buyers on a great sale and a first class convention!