Dec 15: Sexing Technologies Production Sale! South Charleston, OH. Co-Managed with Courtney Sales. Sale Average: $2,100. on 371 Lots.

Sexing Technologies Sale Production sale held on Tuesday, December 15th in South Charleston, Ohio saw 390 young, commercial, fresh cows and bred heifers sell for an average price of $2,100.00. The 28 young sires ready for service averaged right at $1,475.00 and many had GTPI’s over 2450! The very top fresh cows peaked at $2,650 to $2,700 00 and the high selling young sire sold for $1,750.00. Cattle sold to 7 different states with Ohio buyers home the largest number of fresh cows.

The sale was co-managed by The Cattle Exchange, Delhi, NY and Courtney Sales Iowa. Dave Rama handled the gavel while Dan Brandt presented updates. Ringmen included, Scott Courtney, Don Welk, Ron Roskopf, Bruce Gingrich, Tim Reaun, Brian Garrison and Bob Osborn. Sale clerks were Merry Rama, Amber Newman and Amy Courtney. Buyers were presented with a Sexing Technologies packet containing discounts on semen and genetics! Another sale at the same facility is slated for March 2016 with another 400 fresh cows & another 30 outstanding young sires! Watch for future ads!