Dec 19, 2014
Holstein Holiday Sale!! Lancaster, PA. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$2,376 on 115 Lots

Dec 12, 2014
Holstein Fun in the Sun! Holsteins at Lido Beach. 50 fabulous Holsteins will sell from breed leading Genomic families and National Show winners! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! The Lido Beach! Tremendous Golf Courses! Famous Restaurants & Night Life! We have it planned as the Holstein event of the year! Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota, FL
$19,693 on 44 Lots

Nov 21, 2014
East Coast Breeders Sale. Co-managed with Stonehurst Farm. Lancaster, PA. Click Here to View the Online Catalog!
$3,355 on 122 Lots

Nov 1, 2014
The NY Holsteins Harvest Sale, Ithaca, NY. Click Here to View the Online Catalog!
$4,070 on 108 Lots

Oct 18, 2014
OHM Club Sale @ Roedale Farm, Richfield Springs, NY. Click Here to View the Online Catalog!
$2,548 on 88 Lots

Oct 10, 2014
Furnia Herd Dispersal with Select Consignments! 11:00 am. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm.Click Here to View the Online Catalog! Lancaster, PA.
$2,283 on 121 Lots

Sept 20, 2014
SUNY Morrisville Autumn Review Sale. Click here to View the Online Catalog!
$3,119 on 86 Lots

Aug 7, 2014
The Empire Summer Holstein Blast! The sale will be held at the Seneca County Fairgrounds in conjunction with Empire Farm Days. The Empire Summer Holstein Blast will feature 45 elite consignments from New York and around the country! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$12,575 on 53 Lots

July 24, 2014
Sexing Technologies Multi Breed Production Sale with seminar on benefits of sexed semen & ST Sires! 230 Free Stall trained hand selected 1st & 2nd calf heifers sell! Over 70% are fresh 90 days or less with many 80 to 100# on 2x! Free Stall/ Parallel Parlor Trained! Sire ID or Registered! Cattle on service or pregnant are bred to sexed semen for easier calving! Seminar at 10AM & Sale at 11AM sharp! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
Registered Holsteins:$2,662
Grade Holsteins:$2,457
Brown Swiss:$3,859

July 19, 2014
Spruce Haven Select Sale II. 120 head sell! c/o Sam Potter. 11:00 AM. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$2,981 on 102 Lots

June 19, 2014
Rolling Meadow Farm Complete Dispersal. 300 Head (150 Cows & 150 Heifers). Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$2,057 on 223 Lots

June 19, 2014
Spruce Haven Select Sale II. 120 head sell! c/o Sam Potter. 11:00 AM. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$2,981 on 102 Lots

June 14, 2014
Bellvale Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Owners: Al Buckbee & Family, Warwick, NY. One of the highest BAA herds in the nation @ 109.7%. Co-Managed by The Cattle Exchange & Stonehurst Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$2,535 on 140 Lots

May 31, 2014
Woodcrest Bridge to Excellence Sale II. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
The Woodcrest Bridge To Excellence Sale II, Ogdensburg, NY reached an average of $5411 on a sun filed day of May 31, 2014.

Topping the sale at $18,000 was Woodcrest Colt 45 Slung-ET*RC*PC, a 12/13 Mr Chassity Colt 45-ET*RC and out of Ladys-Manor La Rd Sung-ET (VG-88, 2y EX-MS). The next nine dams are VG or EX from the Ruby-D family. Slung is +2294GTPI +1399M +50F +47P +623NM +4.3PL +3.49T. She was struck off to Mike Reuter of Bronxville, NY (David Rama, agent).

Second high of this event was Shebs Goldwyn Haaii (EX-92) 3-07 119 13,055 3.6 465 2.7 357 (Inc.). She is a Goldwyn daughter of Quality-Ridge Champ Hope (EX-95 CAN) and her third dam is the highly regarded Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel (2E-96). She was struck off to Scarlet Summer Holsteins of Muncy, PA  (where her purchase brings the herd total to 50 EX cows).

Bringing the next “most money” was Woodcrest Numerono Yuknow-ET at $14,800. She is a 10/13 Numero Uno with the following genomic stats of +2460 GTPI +2060M +73F +63P +835NM +6.7PL +2.77SCS. Her dam is a Planet and 2nd dam is Coyne-farms Bkye Yvonne-ET (VG-88 DOM) and the next four dams are VG. She is now the property of Rocky Mountain Dairy of Cochrane, AB, Canada.

4th high was Woodcrest Liq Gold Digga-ET, a 2/14 Liquid Gold and out of S-S-I Avery Dossie (VG-85, 2y). Digga is +2425GTPI ++1490M +91F +64P +805NM +4.9PL +2.89T. Her 2nd through 7th dams are VG or EX in the Snow-N Denises Dellia family. She was struck off to First Coast Genetics of St Johns, Florida for $14,200.

The sale was managed by the Cattle Exchange. Dave Rama, auctioneered. Horace Backus highlighted the pedigrees. Sale staff included Rick Allyn, Jamie Black, Dan Brandt, David Crack, Patricia Gifford, Ray LeBlanc, Dan Putnam, Nick Raggi, Rick Verbeek and Kevin Ziemba.
$5,411 on 94 Lots

May 23, 2014
The Celebration of Lylehaven.  130 Head of the finest ever bred by Lylehaven!  Jerome Rappaport Owner.  Sue Brown Manager. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog

The Celebration of Lylehaven was just that.  A crowd of over six hundred people spilled out of the tent to make this a standing room only event as the curtain came down on one of the most respected breeding establishments of the Holstein industry.  One hundred and thirty three full lots crossed the ring to establish the sale average of $ 5935.

Owner, Jerry Rappaport welcomed the crowd and gave highlights of Lylehaven reaching this historic day. He recognized the past farm managers and offered his appreciation to the dedication and talent of current farm manager:  Sue Brown.

The presale buzz of Lylehaven Atwood Lylly-ET (EX-92) was realized as graced the ring to spirited bidding that saw the gavel fall at the $70,000 mark. Lylly is due in October 25th to Halogen and is working on her present record at 3-03 178 13,619 5.1 688 3.3 449. Lylly is an own daughter of the most highly influential cows in the quest for breeding perfection at Lylehaven, Thiersent Lili Starbuck (5E-94 3*). She became the property of Mike Garrow & Marlene Holmes of Chateauguay, NY.

Another daughter of Lili was second high of the dispersal at $22,000. Lylehaven  Amazing Lilia-ET is a March 2013 Mr Atlees Altaamazing-ET. A great Spring Yearling prospect for 2014 she will call Golden Oaks Farm of Wauconda, IL her new home.

The sale was managed by the Cattle Exchange. Dave Rama shared auctioneering duties with David Crack and Yvon Chabot handled pedigree announcements. Sale staff included Doug Siedel,  Justin Burdette, Pat Conroy, Scott Culbertson, Ray LeBlanc, Nick Raggi, Francis Bilodeau, Julien Chabot, Keven Moffett and Butch Crack. Merry Rama and Amber Newman  handled the clerking duties.
$5,934 on 133 Lots

May 15, 2014
Wingert Farms Inc. Dairy Production Sale @ 10:00am. 450 Registered/Sire ID Holsteins (250 cows, 100 bred heifers and 100 calves & yearlings). Click Here to View the Online Catalog!

Wingert Farms Inc. Select Dairy Sale, managed by The Cattle Exchange, was held on Thursday, May 15th in Alexandria, PA.  A total of 458 Holsteins sold through the ring including 270 cows, 85 bred heifers and 103 weaned calves up to yearlings.  The total sale average was $2,176.00 for the day with the cows averaging right at $2,700.00.  Buyers were represented from 7 states.  High cow for the day was lot 3389 selling for $4,150.00 to Michael Howbaker.  This first calf heifer sired by Rich-J Potter Sly-ET was milking 98lbs 4.1%F & backed by a 1060lb fat dam!  Forty Five cows sold in excess of $3,000.00!

The Wingert family presented a fabulous set of cattle for bidders to take home and allowed the sale managers to select from the very best of this 936 cow herd.  Sale week is always hectic at any farm but throw in a new baby for Brandon & his wife the day before just to top off the great week!  Congrats to all of them!

Dave Rama & Harry Bachman shared auction duties while Dan Brandt presented updates from the box.  Ring staff consisted of Don Welk, Steve Pheasant, Bruce Gingrich and Dave Bitler.  Buyers should be extremely satisfied and that is exactly the way the Bill Wingert explained they wanted it prior to the sale.

$2,176 on 458 Lots

May 10, 2014
Blue-Gene Milking Herd & Select Heifer Dispersal. Owners: Eugene & Holly Poirier. 150 head sell! Click Here to View the Online Catalog!

The Blue Gene Milking Herd Dispersal & Select Heifer Sale was held on Saturday, May 10th in North Bangor, NY.  141 lots graced the shavings for a sale average of $3,553 on 127 full lots with a sale gross of $455,950.00.  Owners Eugene & Holly Poirier & Andre & Camey Poirier had assembled and bred a magnificent herd of cattle with a BAA of 109.8%.  The heifers offered in the sale were newborns and yearlings and several bred heifers.  The Poirier family retained 40 bred heifers for the nucleus of their new herd along with several older cows.

Lots 48 & 49 tied for topping the sale at $16,000.00 each with both selling to Gene Iager of MD.  Lot 48 was a fabulous Alexander daughter from an EX-92 Goldwyn that was 1st Sr 3yr old & Int. Sr. Champ 2012 East Fall Nat. 2012 from the great Licorice family!  She sold carrying an ultra sound female by Dundee.  Lot 49 was a beautiful uddered daughter of Fever bred to Armani from a 2E-94 Durham from the Roxies!  Richard Smith of TN was contender on her and bidding was fierce on both lots.  Lot 64 was third high for the day selling for $10,200.00 to J.R. McDonald in Canada with Jamie Black handling the bid.  This really fancy Sid daughter sold four days fresh & her dam is a VG-87 full sister to Gold Missy (EX-95 All-Can & All-Am).

The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange with cattle selling to nine states and several Canadian provinces.  Sale staff included Dave Rama handling the gavel, Horace Backus presenting pedigrees, Don Welk, Jamie Black, Dave Crack, Mike Garrow & Ray LeBlanc worked the ring and handled phone bids throughout the day.

It was a bright, extremely windy day in the North Country with wind gusts in excess of 45MPH.  Congratulations to the Poirier family on breeding a tremendous set of cattle, a beautiful farm and their gracious hospitality!

$3,553 on 127 Lots

May 3, 2014
Co-Vista Holsteins Grand Slam Dispersal. Owners: Russ & Karen George. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$3,071 on 252 Lots

April 24, 2014
The PA Spring Sale. Co-Managed by The Cattle Exchange & Stonehurst Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$3,010 on 141 Lots

April 12, 2014
NY Spring Holstein Sale. Held in conjunction with the NY Spring Dairy Carousel. 100 head will sell! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

An overflow crowd attended The NY Spring Holstein Sale held in Syracuse NY on April 12.  Final average of $9,280.00 on 86 full lots with a sale gross of $820,400.00, the highest ever for this tremendous sale series!

Topping the sale at $80,000.00 was lot 1, selling to Claynook Farm in Canada.  This flush age McCutchen carrying a GTPI +2512 from the Martha Sheen family saw bidding from every direction!  Lot 7 from Richmond Dairy, a lovely daughter of Alta Oak sold for $55,000.00 to Sexing Technologies carrying a GTPI +2473.  Sexing Technologies stepped up to the plate and made several fantastic purchases including lot 2 for $24,000.00, a pick of 2 very high GTPI heifers at Seagull Bay plus lots 13 for 32,000.00 and lot 9 for $28,000.00.   19 lots sold for $10,000.00 or higher on the evening!  Cattle sold to 16 different states plus several to Canada! 

The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange, Delhi, NY and sponsored by NY Holstein Association.  Holstein World productions presented the sale online and 6 head were sold online! Sale staff members, including Rick Verbeek, Ray LeBlanc, Tom Harkenrider, David Crack, Jamie Black, Patsy Gifford, Nick Raggi, Don Welk,  were extremely busy with phone bids all night.  Dave Rama handled the gavel and Horace Backus presented pedigrees all evening.
$9,280 on 86 Lots

April 11, 2014
NY Spring Colored Breeds Dairy Sale.
Sale Averages:
Milking Shorthorn $1,515
Brown Swiss

April 5, 2014
33rd Annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale. Hosted by Cobleskill Dairy Cattle Club. 100 head.Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

A huge crowd of over 400 attended the 33rd Annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale held on Saturday, April 5th.  The sale resulted in an average of $2,560.00 on 95 full lots for a sale gross of $247,375.00.  Holsteins, Jerseys, Guernseys, Brown Swiss and Short Horns were all offered in the sale. 

The students at Cobleskill had the cattle looking fantastic and had selected a tremendous group of young cows (21) and a really nice cross section of calves and yearlings.  Marybeth Shults and Ashley Howlett acted as sale chair and had the sale well organized!

Topping the sale at $7,000.00 was the fancy Jersey heifer from Prokop’s sired by Hired Gun and out of the EX-95% Veronicas Dasher w/1595F & Res. All-Am Sr 2yr old in ’09.  Woodcrest Dairy was the final bidder on this stunning heifer due in October!  Tyler Hymers took home lot 38 for $6,400.00, a smashing uddered Durham Ross dtr. milking over 110 pounds from the world famous Frantisco family of Quality Holsteins in Canada.

Lot 16, a fancy, Red December Contender calf from the Roxies sold to Michael & Laura Rammer of WI for $4,550.00.  Milk was in demand as well as the bred heifers & fancy show age calves!

The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange with Dave Rama handling the gavel, Horace Backus reading pedigrees, and a ring staff consisting of Don Welk, Jason Lloyd, Duane Conant and John Tryon.  Congratulations to all the students and faculty of SUNY Cobleskill on an outstanding sale and a job, very well done. 

$2,560 on 95 Lots

March 29, 2014
The Spring Happening Sale @ Lismore Dairy. Select consignments from Roll-n-View Farms, Ziem-Barb-Way Holsteins & Oakfield Corners Dairy! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

The Spring Happening Sale held on Saturday, March 29th at Lismore Dairy in Arkport, NY, attracted a very large crowd of enthusiastic Holstein bidders resulting in a final average of $4,290.00 on 105 full lots and a sale gross of $468,200.00.  Cattle sold to ten different states plus several headed north to Canada.

Topping the sale at $48,000.00 was lot 1, a stunning March 2013 Supersire daughter carrying a GTPI +2446 & carrying embryo and AI contracts!  Her dam is a GP-83 Liesl 2yr old making 100 pounds 4.0%F & looks to be easy VG from the Markwell Raven family!  When the dust settled, she was owned by the highly respected, Double Eagle Dairy of MI!  Lots 77 and 78 tied for second high of the sale at $19,000.00 each.  Lot 77 was a VG-88 Man o Man pregnant to Kingboy w/GTPI +2194 selling to Nathan Souther of NC and her daughter by Supersire, lot 78, sold to Jonathan and Alicia Lamb carrying a GTPI +2461.  This family throws extreme GTPI!  Lot 79, a full sister to lot 78 sold for $13,000.00 to Rock Hill Dairy, NM.  Lot 71, a really correct McCutchen dtr w/GTPI +2294 and due in September to Kingboy sold for $11,800.00 to Stuart Hollenshead, Mercersburg, PA.  True Farm took home lot 2, for $10,000.00, a full sister to lot 1 w/GTPI +2304.  The good pedigreed milk cows were in the $3,500.00 to $4,500.00 range all day & they were a lovely set of cows with many milking 90 to 125 pounds.   

The sale was hosted by Lismore Dairy, The Merry Family, with consignments from Lismore; Oakfield Corners; Ziem-Barb-Way; Roll-N-View and Markland.  The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange of Delhi, NY with Dave Rama handling the gavel and Horace Backus attending to pedigrees.  The sale staff did an amazing job and consisted of Don Welk, Rick Verbeek, Tom Harkenrider, Patsy Gifford, Luke Johnson, Jamie Black, Kevin Ziemba and Allen VanGorder.  The sale staff handled numerous phone bids in addition to real time bidding via Holstein World Productions.
$4,290 on 105 Lots

March 7, 2014
Golden Opportunity Sale @ Midas-Touch Holsteins.  100 Head of fancy show age heifers, young cows & High GTPI contract individuals.  Hosted by Midas-Touch Holsteins, David King & Family and Jamie Black, sale selector! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$6,328 on 119 Lots

Jan. 16, 2014
The NY Convention ET Sale. Held at the Radisson Hotel. 35 Lots of ET Choices and Embryos offered! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!
$7,008 on 27 Lots

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