Dec. 28

Edgewood Farm – Woodledge Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Short Notice Sale of the highest quality!! 200 Head Sell! Co-Managed with Landis Marketing. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

The Woodledge Holstein Sale held on Friday, December 28, in Beaverdam, VA saw 195 head from 14 years of age to 3 weeks old average $1,691.  A good crowd was on hand with buyers from eleven states and a tremendously active bidding crowd via Cowbuyer.com. 

This tremendous herd boasted a BAA of 108.9% and a RHA of 21,500M.  The 110 cows sold averaged right at $2,000.00 with half the milking herd ranging from five years to fourteen years of age.  25 bred heifers were offered along with 60 calves and open heifers.  Topping the sale at $5,200.00, lot 655, was a six year old, EX-92 Avalanche dtr. selling to Richard Smith, TN.  Second high seller was lot 747, a VG-88 Roy selling for $4,900.00 to Jason & Gwen Nagel, NY.  The Nagel’s were extremely active bidding via the internet and also acquired lot 709 for $3,700.00, a third generation EX, 5 year old ready to breed!

Longevity was the trademark at Woodledge with so many great mature cows in the herd that still looked the part.  R. Garnett & Walter Smith bred a number of EX cows over the years and will continue to crop farm.  Cows were free stall/parlor trained but had access to pasture as well.

The sale was co-managed by Landis Marketing and The Cattle Exchange with Dave Rama and Dan Brandt working the sale box, Bob Landis, Don Welk, Nick Raggi and Mike Hendrix working the ring spotting bids and working the phone bids as well.

We wish everyone a Happy New year!

Dave Rama

$2,061 on 100 Cow Lots
Dec. 14

Holstein Holiday Sale. 100 High Quality Holsteins Sell! Held at Jay Stoltzfus’s Farm. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

The Holstein Holiday Sale held on December 14th, in Lancaster, PA, saw 136 full lots average $1,848.00.  A large crowd was on hand and bidding was brisk all day.  The sale was managed by Stonehurst Farm and The Cattle Exchange with Dave Rama handling the gavel, Dan Brandt presenting pedigrees, Don Welk, Nick Raggi, Dave Bitler & Harold Welk working the ring and phones.

Topping the sale was Lot 2, a VG-88 Shottle, from the Regancrest Barbie family & purchased by Coyne Farms of Avon, NY.  Second high seller was lot 1, an EX-90 Mac dtr. carrying an AI contract & a seventh generation excellent!  She sold to Daniel Esh & both higher sellers were consigned by R-E-W Farms of Lebanon, CT.  Lot 4, a high GTPI Shamrock heifer born in June 2012 sold for $5,300. to Stuart Hollenshead of Mercersburg and was consigned by Brian Cull of Ohio.  Lot 46, the Grdam of Shamrock sold for $5,000. to Scott and April Cooper of Delta, PA.  Sale staff members were flooded with calls on the eleven year old that has had such a positive impact on the breed!

Sale Managers note:  Fresh cows milking over 80 pounds and bred heifers due in the next 90 days were well appreciated.  Cows bred back and not milking heavy and due in the spring are great buys in the marketplace no matter what the pedigree is.  People buying want immediate milk.

$1,848 on 136 Full Lots
Dec. 8

Pineyvale Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

Pineyvale Holsteins Complete Dispersal

Pineyvale Holsteins, one of the great Holstein breeding establishments dispersed on Saturday, December 8, 2012 and it was a sale to remember.  A massive crowd estimated over 400 came out on a spring like day to take home a piece of history.  The herd was just re-classified 5 days earlier with an official BAA of 110.7%.  Cattle were purchased by thirteen different states!

David Post welcomed the crowd and introduced his family at the start of the sale, a truly emotional day for many in attendance.  The main barn at Pineyvale had never missed a milking since 1888 until Hurricane Sandy roared into the east coast.  David thanked Don and Joanne Hosking who provided the facilities for the sale and all those who had assisted them over the years.  The sale started off with lot 51, a VG-86 Jeeves daughter; that traces back to the first Purebred Holstein they ever purchased from none other than, the Dean of Pedigrees, Horace Backus!  David thanked Horace for all his years of service to his family and the industry and the sale took off!  Lot 51 sold for $5,000.00 and by the end of the day, 105 full lots averaged $3,477.00 for a gross of $372,275.00

The sale topper, Lot 1, was purchased by John Currie and family of Tully, NY for $15,500.00.  Newly crowned EX-92, this red Advent daughter looked smashing and was backed by a 2E-92 Outside dam & 4E-94 grdam and the same family as the great Curr-Vale Goldwyn Delicious (EX-91-DOM) who is making her mark on the industry!  The Kelsey family from Canastota, NY took home her RC Alchemy daughter born 9/8/2012 for $7,700.00!

Second high seller at $11,200.00, lot 24, was a tremendous EX-94 Drake daughter due in March to Dempsey.  Duane Conant was in attendance and made the purchase for Conant Acres and Mike Garrow.  A proven show winner that looks like she still has points coming!

Third high of the sale was lot 39, selling for $10,800.00 to Bergen Farm of Odessa, NY.  Sired by Shampoo and recently scored VG-87, she hails from the 2E-92 Boss Iron Gretel cow with sons in AI & 8 VG daughters to date!  She sold with a very solid GTPI and on service to Supersire.

Two more individuals sold for $10,000.00 or higher, lot 30 to Doug Lemke, a barn favorite sired by Alexander and just scored VG-88!  Dam is 3E-95 Outside Helen with 40,000M 1679F!  An awesome young cow with a tremendous future!  Lot 77 sold for $10,200.00 to Carpsdale Farm in, VT.  Recently scored EX-90, this Boss Iron daughter was backed by 7 generations of VG or EX dams and caught everyone’s eye!

The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange, Dave Rama handled the gavel, Horace Backus mastered pedigrees, Don Welk, Les Terpstra, Patsy Gifford, Nick Raggi and Russ George handled the ring and phone bids from the extremely large crowd.  Don and Joanne Hosking were gracious hosts assisting every step of the way!

A lesson to take away from this tremendous herd sale:  Great pedigrees and maternal lines with solid type are here to stay.  It was a refreshing sale with bidding at a frenzied level for the best the breed has to offer!  Congrats to Dave and Carolyn, Allen and Carolee and all the others that came out to support these families and cattle bred for eye appeal!

$3,480 on 105 Full Lots
Nov. 30 Destiny Road Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Jay Stolzfus, owner. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $1,635 on 151 Full Lots
Nov. 16 Spungold Holsteins Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal. Dale & Deanna Bendig, Owners. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $2,500 on 104 Full Lots
Nov. 8 Bur-Le Acres Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal & Select Calves. Kevin & Gerarda Burleigh, Owners. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $2,291 on 61 Full Lots
Oct. 27 New York Holstein Harvest Sale. Hosted by Cornell University Dairy Science Club. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $5,223 on 94 Full Lots
Oct. 20 Hosking Farm Complete Dispersal. 120 Outstanding Holsteins! Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $1,857 on 106 Full Lots
Sept. 8 30th Annual Morrisville Autumn Review Sale. Hosted by Morrisville College Dairy Club. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $1,881 on 72 Full Lots
July 31 High Hill Holstein Dispersal. Herd owners: Greg & Tonja Law, Charles & Fran Rosner, Jerry & Sally Law. Click Here to View the Online Catalog! $1,592 on 98 Full Lots
July 25 Plushanski Farms Complete Dispersal. Over 500 Holsteins Sell! 280 cows & 230 Heifers of all ages! “The Home of the Faith Family” Click Here to View the Online Catalog! $1,313 on 501 Full Lots
July 21 NY State Holstein Picnic & Reflections of Maple Downs Sale. Hosted by the Lloyd Family. Click Here to View the Online Catalog!

Holsteins: $3,900 on 89 Full Lots

Jerseys: $3,863 on 12 Full Lots

July 17

Ath-Mor Registered Holsteins Complete Dispersal. 350 Head Sell! Deep cow families, incredible production and high GTPI contract cows and heifers! Sale Owners: Tom Morrell 603-659-3836 & Russ Atherton 603-659-6128. Click Here to View the Online Catalog!

Ath-Mor Holsteins Complete Dispersal on Tuesday, July 17 saw 273 full lots average $2,338 for a total gross of $660,850.00.   A large crowd was on hand this blazing hot summer day with the temperature hitting 95 degrees with high humidity.  The partnership of Tom Morrell & Russ Atherton and their families crafted a highly respected herd with incredible production (RHA 3x 29,757M 3.6 1086F 3.0 899P) & many high GTPI individuals.  Over 30 head sold in the sale with AI contracts and many others will garner attention from astute AI units.

Topping the sale at $18,000.00 was lot 576.  Sired by Shamrock, she carried a GTPI +2348 +96F +74P +$771NM +5.0PL.  Her dam is a VG-85 Jammer with 39,030M 1516F 1313P who also sold in the sale carrying AI contracts.  The high seller went to Sexing Technologies & the dam heads to Pine Tree in Ohio.  High selling embryos for the day were sired by Numero Uno from a GP-82 Planet w/GTPI +2141 and contract interest in the resulting calves.  The embryos sold to Dr. Richard Whitaker and Carlton Bull.  Cattle sold to 9 states plus Canada was a major buyer with over 40 head heading across the border.

The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange with Dave Rama & Reggie Lussier handling auction duties, Horace Backus presented pedigrees, Don Welk, Ray LeBlanc, Les Terpstra, Rick Verbeek, Dan Brandt & Jeff Ziegler all worked the phones and handled bids.  Merry Rama, Amber Newman & Melanie Ziegler handled clerking and health charts to perfection!

Congratulations to the families of Tom Morrell and Russ Atherton on breeding such a tremendous herd of Holsteins and all their accomplishments in the dairy industry.

$2,338 on 273 Full Lots
June 26 Barrel Creek Farm Dispersal. 100 Head Sell! Herd Owners: Samuel U. & Lydia King. Sale to be held at the Ben Stoltzfus Sale Barn, 7:00 PM. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click here to View the Complete Catalog! $1,675 on 104 Full Lots
June 12 Kueffner Kows At Cowtown. Held at the Cowtown Sale Arena. Ernie Kueffner & Terri Packard, owners. Click here to View the Complete Catalog! $17,725 on 139 Full Lots
June 5th & 6th Knolle Cattle Co Jersey Dispersal. 2000 high quality Jerseys (1000 cows & 1000 heifers). Sale managed by The Cattle Exchange, Goldenberg Consulting & National Dairy Sales. Click here to View the Complete Catalog!

$1,091 on 909 Cow Lots

$798 on 1132 Heifer & Calf Lots

May 11 Co-Vista 20th Anniversary Sale. Hosted by Co-Vista Holsteins, the George family. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

The Co-Vista 20th Anniversary Sale held on May 11th in Arcade, NY rocked the Holstein industry with an average of $3,440 on 147 full lots and 188 (includes bulls, grades, half lots) sold in the sale for a total of $558,855.00.  The sale started on a high note offering about 50 very fancy fresh grades & commercial registered Holsteins.  Thirteen grades sold for over $2,000.00 with a high of $2,700.00!  Russ George welcomed the large crowd at the start of the sale & introduced his entire family. 

The Sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange with Dave Rama and Art Kling handling the gavel and Horace Backus presenting pedigrees.  Don Welk, Dan Brandt, Nick Raggi, Les Terpstra, Rick Verbeek & Glen Shores worked the ring handling enthusiastic bids from every corner of the tent & on the phones.  Twenty-Five lots sold for $5,000.00 or more.  Simon Lalonde took home lot 14 for $11,100.00 a fancy fresh Goldwyn Sr. 2yr old from 7 Ex dams back to EX-97 “Matt Matilda”.  Lot 18, a real stylish fresh Atwood, sold to Jeff & Lesa Mulligan for $10,700.00.  Backed by 3 EX dams, she will show as Jr. 2yr old!  Alan Faris of Canada purchased lot 31 for $10,200.00.  This tremendous RC Destry dtr of 2E-96 Ashlyn sold fresh & looked the part milking over 80 pounds!  Over 40 head sold to Canada and cattle sold to eight different states.

Congratulations to Russ & Karen George who bred and developed an outstanding herd of cattle.  Our special thanks to Brian & Christa George who provided an invaluable service to the success of this great sale.  Thanks also to Chris and Stephanie George for all their assistance sale day.  Great cattle, a great family and lots of friends make for a top sale, every time!


$3,440 on 147 Full Lots
May 2 Ocean-View Farm Complete Dispersal. One of America’s greatest breeding herds! 600+ head will in one great day! Co-Managed with Burton & Associates. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

Ocean-View Holsteins Complete Dispersal held on May 2nd, 2012 in Windsor, California was a tremendous success.  A total of 589 head were sold with 524 full lots averaging $2,742.  Buyers from coast to coast were present and cattle sold to fifteen different states plus Canada.

Marvin Nunes, the man behind Ocean-View welcomed the crowd and thanked them in advance for their attendance and participation.  A few notables in the crowd that came a distance included Keith & Debbie Decker from PA, Westendorps from Michigan, Steve Bossel of Bobasyl Farm, Winchester, Ontario, Mark Rueth, WI plus many others! 

High seller of the day was Lot 2447, an EX-92 Allen daughter from 2E-95-GMD-DOM Zandra!  She sold to Ron Roskopf, WI.  This 5th generation EX looked awesome & sold on service to Guthrie.  Lot 2759 was the second high selling for $15,000.  Sired by Goldwyn & already scored VG-87, she sold fresh & hails from the world famous “Sheen” family.  The buyer of this lot and three more, did not settle up on his purchases after the sale (A real big no-no at Cattle Exchange Sales)!  Lot 2759 was then sold after the sale for the same price to Genasci Dairy, Mike Mulas and David Rama!   Seven head sold in excess of $10,000.

The sale lasted 9 hours!  Cattle were sold individually until the last 65 head of calves which were grouped in lots of four or five.  The crowd stayed the entire sale and many have called to say just how impressed they were with the cattle and the sale!  The Sale was managed by Burton & Associates, clerking by The Cattle Exchange.  Auctioneers were Gary Estes & Dave Rama with Horace Backus reading most of the pedigrees with Larry Kleiner finishing the bred and open heifers.  The sale staff did a great job and included Tom DeGroot, Les Terpstra, Ray LeBlanc, Hank VanExel, Robert Yeoman, Ken Melvold, George Morasci, Gil Teixeira & Ron Roskopf.  A tip of the hat to Ken Melovold and his crew for performing a miracle in getting cattle to the ring and having the cattle ready to sell.  Special thanks to Frank Mongini DVM for all his assistance with testing, health papers and vet care.  Sale clerks Merry Rama, Amber Newman & Linda Burton were busy all day and most of the night handing clerking duties and assisting with trucking arrangements.

Congratulations to Marvin Nunes,an astute cowman, devoted Holstein member and breeder of one of the finest Holstein herds in the world!  DMR

$2,742 on 524 Lots
April 26 Genesee-Hill Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Jeff & Lesa Mulligan & Larry & Beanie Hill, owners.Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

The Genesee-Hill Holstein Complete Dispersal held on April 26, 2012 in Avon, NY averaged $2,255.00 on 231 head, from the oldest cow to the youngest calf!  Topping the sale at $14,500.00 was lot 688 a fancy March 1, 2012 Goldwyn dtr. from an EX-92 Apen that was Res. All-NY Jr. 3yr old 2010 & grdam is 2E-93. This lovely calf sold to Mulligan Farms. 

Attendees were treated to a scrumptious breakfast sponsored by Semex USA and many took time to review the tremendous facility the Mulligans own.  The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange of Delhi, NY.  Dave Rama & Horace Backus worked from the auction box while Don Welk, Steve Pheasant, Dave Bitler & Les Terpstra worked the ring.  The Genesee- Hill herd was a partnership between Jeff & Lesa Mulligan & Larry & Beanie Hill, with the cattle housed at Mulligans.  The cattle were dispersed as Mulligan Farms facilities were overloaded with cattle.  Congratulations to the Mulligans and Hills for breeding such a tremendous herd!


$2,255 on 231 Lots
April 21

Wea-Land Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Landis Weaver, owner. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm.Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

The Wea-Land Holstein Dispersal held on Saturday, April 21st in Quarryville, PA was a rousing success! Fourteen head sold for $4,000 or higher resulting in a final average of $3,022. on 105 full lots and a total of $336,487. for the day! Topping the sale was lot 1, selling for $15,000. to Mike Garrow from NY, the volume buyer of the day! This tremendous daughter of Redliner just scored VG-89 two days earlier & is backed by 10 EX dams! The sale staff had 5 bidders on the phones plus bids from all over the packed tent! Garrow also took home the second high of the day, lot 28, an EX-92-RC Durham, 9th Generation EX & milking 130 pounds.

Landis Weaver & family welcomed everyone at the start of the sale & wished all the utmost success with their purchases. The sale was Co-Managed by The Cattle Exchange & Stonehurst Farm with Dave Rama serving as auctioneer, Horace Backus presenting pedigrees. The Ring staff performed brilliantly & included Don & Harold Welk, Nick Raggi, Dan Brandt, Dave Bitler and Dave Lentz. A very large number of phone bids during the entire sale kept the sale staff extremely busy!

Other notable high sellers included lot 29 selling to Adam Derr for $7,500. This newly scored VG-85 2yr old carries a smashing udder, sired by a Talent son & backed by a VG-88 Rampage dam from the Roxie’s! Lot 31, a Red, EX-90 Advent sold for $7,000! Her dam is EX-92 & grdam 2E-94 w/1496F. Cattle sold to 8 states and Canada & this sale was proof positive that great breeding is still in demand! One of the great herd sales for the year!

$3,022 on 105 Full Lots
April 14 New York Spring Holstein Sale. 4 PM. Held in conjuction with the New York Spring Dairy Carousel.Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $5,440 on 88 Full Lots
Mar. 31

31st Annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale. Hosted by Cobleskill Dairy Cattle Club. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

The 31st annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale was held March 31 at the SUNY Cobleskill campus in Cobleskill, NY. Ninety-one full lots averaged $2,168 in the event managed by the SUNY Cobleskill Dairy Cattle Club (Jesse Phillips, sale chairman) and The Cattle Exchange.

Topping the sale at $4,750 was Lot #1, Ms Atlees Shamroc Alisha, an 11/11 Shamrock from Ms Atlees Goldwyn Arista-ET (VG-88). Arista is a full sister to EX-92 Goldwyn Ariel, as well as popular AI sires Atwood, Atlantic and Avalanche. Alisa was consigned by Allyn, Lloyd & Heath of Middleburgh, NY and sold with numbers of +1993GTPI +1546M +73F +42P +3.25T. She was purchased by Sherry McNeil of Ellenburg Center, NY. The second high seller at $4,000 was Ms Mapleslp Ostyl M13318-ET, a 10/11 O-Style with numbers of +2147GTPI +1511M +59F +52P +603NM +4.oPL and +2.24T. Her dam is a VG-88 Goldwyn followed by nine more VG and EX cows. Consigned by Thomas, Shenk & Addis of Warner Robins, GA, the high genomics heifer went to Sam Potter of Union Springs, NY.

Congratulations to SUNY Cobleskill students on a job well done!

$2,168 on 91 Full Lots
Mar. 24 The Gala II at Glen Valley. Hosted by Glen Valley Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

The Gala II at Glen Valley Sale was held March 24th in Atglen, PA, at the home of Ken & Marilyn Umble and family and averaged $2885 on 141 full lots. The 22-year PBR award winning herd sold with a last DHI test day average of 90 lbs. High selling animal of the day was Lot 10, Golden-Rose Shot Romance-ET, a just-fresh Shottle who is a potential 17th generation EX! Romance is out of Oakfield Pronto Ritzi (EX-90), who made a 3-01 record of 290d 31,104 3.4 1055 3.0 943 (Inc.), and traces back to the world-famous Pinehurst Royal Rosa (2E-91) family. Romance was purchased by The Romance Partners, c/o Eric Evans, Buhl, ID, for $10,000. Also highlighting the sale were her 2/12 Goldsun daughter selling for $5300 and her 1/12 Goldwyn with GTPI 2030 selling for $6800. Many members of the Glen-Valley Win Caprice (3E-93 GMD-DOM) family sold, including the second and third high sellers at $7600 and $7000 respectively. Glen-Valley Ross Caliste is an Altaross daughter of Glen-Valley Lou Calixte-ET (EX-91). Caliste was carrying an ultrasound female by Epic and has a GTPI of 2095. Her first choice Numero Uno was then sold, with buyer’s choice of females from 2 pregs due 9/12 and 3 more transfers on 1/12. A special moment in the sale came when two lots from the Glen-Valley Rubens Sprinkle (2E-91) family sold. Sprinkle was owned by Jordan Umble, Ken & Marilyn’s middle son who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2006. Proceeds from CC-Jordan Snowstorm-Red and a Braxton choice from Sprinkle (totaling $6450) went to the Jordan M. Umble Memorial Mission Fund. The standing room only crowd was treated to complimentary home-made ice cream, and a pre-sale coffee & donuts social hour. The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange, with David Rama and Horace Backus working the box, assisted by Dan Brandt, David J. Lentz, Nick Raggi, Dave Bitler and Don Welk in the ring. More prices and pictures from the event can be found athttp://www.allbreedsblog.com/2012/03/23/the-gala-ii-at-glen-valley-is-underway/.

$2,885 on 141 Full Lots
Jan. 27 Globe Run Farm Milking Herd, Bred Heifer & Select Calf Dispersal. 130 head sell. BAA 109.2% (unoffical) 20 EX & 50 VG cows sell; RHA 25,966 3.9 1023 3.1 817. The Foster Family, owners. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

The Globe Run Milking Herd and Bred heifer Dispersal held on Friday, January 27th for the Foster family was a rousing success.  Over 400 attendees witnessed the dispersal of this magnificently bred herd.  The sale tent was overflowing and the crowd stayed to the very end.  John and Andy Foster welcomed the massive crowd of over 400 breeders who attended and wished them the greatest success in advance with all their purchases.

Bidding was brisk all day as David Rama and Horace Backus handled all duties from the auctioneer box and ring men Don Welk, Dave Bitler, Dan Brandt and Steve Pheasant accepted bids from the spirited crowd.  Topping the sale was lot 20, selling for $6,400.00 to one of the great cowmen in the business, Kirk Hillegass of Berlin, PA.  This VG-88, tall, angular, jet black daughter of Damion, was milking 135 pounds with a gorgeous udder, made 1456 fat @ 2yrs and hails from the world famous “Martha” family!  Second high seller was lot 2, an unscored daughter of Goldwyn with a smashing udder, on service to Explode!  This great young cow sold to Penn England LLC, Williamsburg, PA and she too descends from the Martha family.  Her dam, a 2E-91 Allen with 1851 of fat also sold as lot 1 for $3,300.00.  Third high seller was lot 98 selling for $5,100.00.  Sired by EK-Oseeana Anticipation, this VG-87 2yr sold due back in May and will show as a Sr. 3yr old.  Her dam is an EX-91 Juror with three records over 1300 of Fat and next five dams are VG or EX.

Cattle sold to four states with ten head selling for $4,000.00 or more.  The sale was co-managed by The Cattle Exchange and Stonehurst Farm with Joyce Welk and Amber Newman handling the clerking responsibilities efficiently.  The sale staff handled phone bids from more than eight states!

Congratulations to the Foster family for breeding and developing one of the premier Holstein Herds in the country.  Many that sold will go on to be excellent in the future and please new owners for years to come!  One of the largest crowds we have seen in sometime!

$2,705 on 108 Full Lots
Jan. 20 New York Convention ET Sale. 5:30 PM. Held in conjuction with the New York All Breeds Convention. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! $9,600 on 29 Full Lots

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