Dec 8 & 9 2 Day PA Holstein Holiday Sale. 400+ head will sell. Featuring herd dispersals for BSB Holsteins & Lone Pine Farms. Held at the Lebanon County Expo Center. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog! Day 1: $1,525 on 125 Full Lots

Day 2: $961 on 273 Full Lots

Total Sale Average: $1,139 on 395 Full Lots

Nov. 18 The Best Of Rudolph Missy/Pine-Tree Dairy. Hosted by Matt Steiner & Family. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $11,784 on 81 Full Lots
Nov. 12 Fern Hill Farm II, LLC Milking Herd Dispersal. Owners: Jack Russin & Family. 100 Outstanding Registered Holsteins! Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $1,730 on 102 Lots
Nov. 10 Benton Farm Dispersal.William Benton & Family, owners. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click Here To View The Complete Catalog! $2,118 on 67 Full Lots
Nov. 5 New York Holstein Harvest Sale. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $3,750 on 85 Full Lots
Oct. 28 Bennett Farms Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal. 100 head sell with beautiful frames and great pedigrees. Bennett Farms, Inc., owners. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $1,897 on 93 Full Lots
Oct. 25 Zacharias Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Corrie Zacharias & Family, owners. Click Here To View The Complete Catalog $2,132on 56 Full Lots
Oct. 21 Vision Gen & Partners Elite Offerings. Held at the Ben K.Stolzfus Farm. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farms. Corey Wolff, host. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $2,538 on 109 Lots
Oct. 20 Jo-Lan Farm Complete Dispersal. Owner: John & Rachel Lantz. Co-Managed with Stonehurst farms. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $1,623 on 96 Lots
Oct. 14 Plankenhorn Farms Complete Dispersal. Dr. Sam & Gail Simon, owners. “One of the finest herds in the Country!” BAA 109.9% RHYA 23,900 3.7F 3.1P SCC 79,000. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $3,052 on 69 Full Lots
Oct. 10 Happy Hollow Dairy Dispersal. David & Tina Hunsberger, owners. 300+ head sell. 65% Holsteins & 35% Holstein cross with Sweedish Reds or Jerseys! Parlor trained, no BST,just pasture, TMR & TLC! Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Catalogs will be available at the Sale. $1,110 on 303 Lots
Sept. 27 PA Dairy Classic Sale. 11 AM. Herd reduction sales for Liddleholme of NY and Schug’s Holsteins from OH. 100 head sell! Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click here to view the complete catalog! $2,089 on 83 full lots
Sept. 24 Houserdale Holsteins Dispersal. Owner: David Houser & Family. 100 Registered Holsteins: 50 cows & 50 heifers. BAA 106.5% RHA: 24,207M 3.5%F 852F 3.0%P 735P. Quality Herd! Click here to view the complete catalog! $1,532 on 87 full lots
Sept. 17 Maple Hill Farm Complete Dispersal. 11 AM. Owners: Carl & Carla Gates. 90 Registered Holsteins. BAA 107.6%. RHA 22,341 M 3.8% 852F 3.1% 703P. Click here to view the complete catalog! $1,868 on 79 full lots
Sept. 15 First String Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Owner: Andrew Fleischer. Co-Managed by Stonehurst Farm and The Cattle Exchange.Click here to view the complete catalog! $1,590 on 56 Registered Holstein Lots
Sept. 10 Morrisville Autumn Review Sale. Hosted by Morrisville College Dairy Club. Click here to view the complete catalog! $2,461 on 79 full lots
Aug. 19 Arethusa Kueffner Klassic II. Held at the Lebanon County Expo Center. Hosted by Arethusa Farm & Kueffner Holsteins. Click here to view the complete catalog! $4,443 on 112 Full Holstein Lots

$4,839 on 13 Jersey Lots

July 15


St. Jacobs Celebration Sale. Hosted by Tim & Sharyn Abbott & Family. $6,580 on 20 full lots
July 15 Carpenter’s Tools Of The Trade Sale. Hosted by Jim Carpenter & Family. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog! $3,505 on 100 full lots
July 9

Spruce Haven Select Sale. A truly unique offering featuring some of the breed’s highest Genomic offerings! Spruce Haven Farms, hosts. Click Here to View the Complete Catalog!

The Spruce Haven Select Sale was held on Saturday, July 9 at the farm in Union Springs, NY. 111 full lots averaged $4,022. Topping the sale at $60,000 was SRP Dorcy Zo12297-ET *TY, the breed’s number 1 GTPI Dorcy daughter at +2472. She sold with multiple AI and embryo contracts to TJR Genetics of Chebanse, IL with Elite Management of Argentina as the contender. Her +2229 GTPI full sister sold for $18,000 to Ryan Matherton of Hilmar, CA. Second high seller of the day was Vision-Gen SHF AS D12131-ET a +2283 GTPI Aftershock backed by a VG 85 Goldwyn, 2E 92 Outside & then EX 94-GMD-DOM Chief Adeen. Oakfield Corners Dairy of Oakfield, NY was the buyer of this fancy heifer with a +4.43PTAT. Selling for $21,000 was Vision-Gen SH Frd A12304-ET, a September Freddie with a +2340 GTPI and backed by a VG Jet Stream with numerous sons in AI. Woodcrest Dairy of Lisbon, NY was the buyer. Selling for $18,000 was a choice of two Alta Ross heifers born in December from a just-fresh Planet backed by 9 VG or EX dams. Kings Ransom Farm of Schuylerville, NY was the buyer. Right behind at $17,500 was a pick of 3 Man-O-Man heifers from the same Planet with GTPI’s up to +2234 to Aurora Ridge Dairy of Aurora, NY.

The sale was managed by the Cattle Exchange with Dave Rama selling the cattle and Horace Backus making announcements. Taking bids were Patricia Gifford, Tom Harkenrider, Jason Pullis, Les Terpstra, Dr. Ronnie Thomas, Rick Verbeek and Don Welk. Merry Rama and Amber Newman clerked the sale. The event was hosted by Doug Young and Partners at Spruce Haven Farm. Genetics Manager Sam Potter has been part of the team for nearly five years performs all of the ET and reproductive work himself. He routinely flushes 8-10 cows every week and estimates that now over 70% of all the 2-year-olds calving in the 1,000+ cow dairy are the product of embryo transfer. The entire Spruce Haven staff is to be commended and thanked for their tremendous planning and cooperation, as hosting a sale of this magnitude amidst an operation of this size and scale was no easy task.

When the final gavel fell, 8 head has sold for over $10,000 and cattle were sold to Quebec and 10 states outside of New York.

$4,022 on 111 full lots
June 24 VA National Holstein Convention Sale. Co-Managed with Landis Marketing & Daniel Brandt. Catalog Now Online! Click Here to View.
$14,810 on 105 Full Lots.
June 16 Knight Run Farm Complete Dispersal. Cochranville, PA. 500 Head Sell!
$1,550 on 446 Lots.
May 21 Oakfield Cornes Spring Sensation Sale 1PM. Hosted by Jonathan & Alicia Lamb.Click to view the Complete Catalog: Part I (Lots 1-70) & Part II (Lots 71-132)

The 2011 Spring Sensation Sale was a resounding success with a sale average of $6,221 on 102 full Holstein lots. As in the past sale offerings at Oakfield Corners, the pedigrees read like who’s who, the show prospects were plentiful as were the genomic giants.

Lot 1 was also the top priced animal in the event at $41,000 and was struck of to Genisis Cooperative Herd, Shawano, WI. Oakfield Blue Lagoon-ET +2372 GTPI. Lagoon is a CO-OP O-Style Oman Just-ET and his #1 GTPI daughter. She is out of Oakfield Encino Britley (VG-86, 2y) 50k GTPI +2074 that has several sons in AI and embryos exported.

Second high of the sale was from one of the most exciting show ring bloodlines of the breed. Pierstein Dundee Rosabel-ET is a 12/08 Dundee that is due soon to Palermo. Her dam is the 2008 WDE and Royal Winter Fair Supreme Champion Thrulane James Rose (2E-97). She was struck of to Jonathan Pinkerton of Frenchtown, NJ for $31,000.

Bringing the third high of the event was Miss OCD Robust Deja Vu-ET for $20,500 from Ransom Rail Farm, Perry, NY.  Dej Vu-ET‘s 50K test reads +2407 GTPI. She is Robust daughter out of OCD Planet Danica-ET that has sons in AI and embryos exported. The next dam is Miss Elegant Delight-ET (VG-88), a granddaughter of Windsor Manor Rud Zip (4E-95).

The sale was managed by the Cattle Exchange with David Rama handling the gavel and Horace Backus making pedigree announcements. Taking bids from the large crowd on hand were Scott Culbertson, PatsyGifford, Ray LeBlanc, Nick Raggi, Les Terpstra, Rick Verbeek and Don Welk. The sale was clerked by Merry Rama and Amber Newman. Sale hosts Jonathan and Alicia Lamb had the farm and cattle all in top condition and hosted a well-attended open house the evening before, and provided a delicious complimentary lunch before the start of the sale.

$6221 on 102 full Holstein lots.
May 13 Kingsmill Complete Dispersal! Held at Kingsmill Farm II. Click here to view the Complete Catalog!
$4,088 average on 187 Full Lots
May 7 The Pride of Woodlawn, hosted by Tim & Seth Leach.
$4,573 average on 95 Full Lots
Apr. 30 Elm Park Farms Complete Dispersal 10:30 AM. 150 of the finest Red & White & Red Factor females to ever sell! R&W International/WDE Premier Breeder for 15 Years & Premier Exhibitor for 13 Years! This COMPLETE DISPERSAL is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Elm Park Farms, owners. Click to view the Complete Catalog: Part I (Lots 1-85) & Part II (Lots 86-175)

The Elm Park Farm Complete Dispersal held on Saturday, April 30th, 2011 in Sheboygan Falls WI saw 166 lots average $3,253.00. Over 300 people packed the tent on a terribly windy day requiring extraordinary measures to keep the tent in place! The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange of Delhi, NY.

Topping the sale at $41,000.00 was lot 2, Goldwn-Oaks Gwyn Perky-ET a Polled RC Goldwyn from the famed EX-90 “Perk Rae” out of Beauty Rae from the heart of the Roxies! Bidding was fierce with Dr. Hubertus Diers-WWS Germany in attendance at the sale placing the final bid and Sexing Technologies contending. Perky carried two AI contracts and loads of international interest! Second high was lot 1, a RC Man-O-Man from Gold Dish Rae (VG-88), again from the great Roxie maternal line. Selling for $28,000.00 to Sexing Technologies, she was the highest RC Man-O-Man from Dish Rae. Contending bidder was Welcome Stock Farm of NY with both Bill & Bill Jr. in attendance. Another New Yorker that whacked away was Lisa Tobler, purchasing the third high for the day at $17,500 on Lot 3, the highly respected Elm-Park Pimm-Red-ET (EX-93-2E), Res. All-Am R&W 4 year old in 2007. From the same maternal line as the sensational Black Rose, Pimm looked awesome with bidding coming from every direction. Lot 81, Elm-Park Air-ET (EX-90), sold for $10,000.00 to Sellcrest Farm, Watertown, WI. This amazing maternal sister to Regiment Apple and full sister to the great Acme bull sold fresh less than 72 hours and looked sensational. Seven young sires sold in the sale and averaged right at $2,300.00 for the day with the high at $2,525.00 for an eleven month old grandson of Pimm-Red! Cattle sold to eleven states plus Canada and Germany! Dave Rama Handled the gavel, while Louis Prange of Elm Park presented pedigrees. Ray LeBlanc of VT, Don Welk of PA, Alan Dykshorn of IA, Norm Magnussen of WI, Ted Radintz of MN, and Ron Roskopf of WI handled bid taking and the telephones as well. The ring crew performed brilliantly accepting bids from the large crowd and handling numerous phone bids as well. The fitting staff headed by Jason Thomas had the cattle looking superb and fought the wind, rain and other elements all week. Merry Rama and Amber Newman handled all clerking duties and trucking arrangements. They are all to be commended for a job well done! Congratulations to Louis and Max Prange on breeding and developing perhaps the greatest R&W & RC Holstein herd in the world. Louis can be credited for not only being Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at WDE for fifteen years but more importantly expanding the Red gene on a global level. Louis’s devotion to the Red and White Dairy cattle Association and Red Breeders world wide has had a major impact on the entire industry. Max will continue his college education and still keep his hand in fitting on a national level. We wish them both continued success at all they do!

$3,253 average on 166 Full Lots
Apr. 26 Glen Mild Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Click here to view the Complete Catalog! $1,923 on 122 Full Lots
Apr. 21

Misty Crest Holsteins Sale. Held at the Ben K. Stolzfus Sale Barn. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. David & Dennis Hottenstein, herd owners. Click here to view the Complete Catalog!

Sale Average: $2,224.55 on 99 Full Lots! The sale was well attended with buyers from all over the Northeast participating. Cattle sold to NY, PA, NJ, CT, MD, and VT.

Topping the sale was Lot 28 for $4,950. This VG-86 Zenith sold fresh & backed by 5 Excellent dams. She sold to Promise Haven Farm, Ulster, PA. Tied for second high were Lots 1 & 67. Lot 67 was a first choice female by Atwood from a Sanchez daughter of the great EX-91 Duplex Rayna, the breeds highest scored 15th Generation Excellent. She sold to Craig Bauermaster of Somerset, PA for $4,100. Lot 1 sold to Lismore Dairy sired by Shottle from an Excellent Durham out of an Excellent 91 Storm from 2E-94 Chief Adeen. Fourth high, Lot 23, sold for $4,000. to Richard & Debra Shuman of Bloomsburg, PA. A daughter of Goldwyn & potential 8th Generation Excellent from the Roxies, she sold bred to Goldwyn Guthrie due in November.

The sale was managed by Stonehurst Farm and The Cattle Exchange. Dave Rama handled auctioneering duties, Horace Backus presented pedigrees, while Don Welk, Nick Raggi, Dave Bitler and Dan Brandt accepted bids. There were numerous bids handled by the sale staff via cell phones all day.

Congratulations to the families of David & Dennis Hottenstein on a tremendous dispersal! It should also be noted that Patricia Gifford, the executive secretary of the NY Holstein Association, showed up on her way to NC to see family for the Easter Holiday. Patsy is celebrating a milestone birthday! Happy Birthday Patsy!!!!!

$2,225 on 99 Full Lots
Apr. 16

Ideal Holsteins Complete Dispersal Featuring 160 head of deep pedigreed, high producing Holsteins! Jake & Sallianne Tanis, owners. Click here to view the Complete Catalog!

Ideal Holsteins Complete Dispersal held on Saturday, April 16th in Centre Hall, PA attracted a massive crowd on an absolutely miserable rain soaked day.  The tent was overflowing with more than 300 in attendance. 159 full lots averaged $2,050.00 and bidding was brisk all day.  Topping the sale @ $5,300.00 was lot 29, a daughter of KHW Elm Park Acme-ET.  Milking 96 pounds, she was backed by a GP-84 dam by Roy and she sold to Robert Hostetler of Belleville, PA.  Second high was lot 82, a daughter of Stanhope Sovereign scored EX-90 working on her third calf and bred to Dundee.  She sold for $4,300.00 to Mark Hough of Rebersburg, PA.  Another daughter of Elm Park Acme, lot 152 sold for $3,450.00 to Thomas Hartle, fresh w/2nd calf & was third high of the sale.

The Ideal herd boasted a herd average over 29,000M and BAA 107.9%.  The Acme daughters looked tremendous all day and bidding from the packed rain soaked tent was fierce.  The sale staff included Rama & Backus in the box, Welk, Raggi, Pullis, Brandt, Bitler and Stoltzfus taking bids.  The fitters and tent crew performed masterfully in beastly weather conditions.  Over three inches of rain, high brisk winds all day and the crew never missed a beat.

The Tanis family held a special dinner the evening before the sale for family, sale staff and friends & it was a first class feast.  We salute Jake, Sallianne and their family for the tremendous positive impact they have had on the Holstein industry.  Penn State graduates that worked for Ideal in the past turned out in full force for moral support as well as a piece of Ideal herd.

The market is gaining strength!  Many short breds sold for $1,500. to $1,650.00 and March calves were almost all over $1,000.00!

$2,050 on 159 Full Lots
Apr. 9 New York Spring Holstein Sale Featuring 60 head with tremendous pedigrees and incredible marketing potential! Held in conjunction with the NY Spring Dairy Carousel.Click here to view the Complete Catalog! $4,673 on 60 Full Lots
Apr. 2 30th Annual Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale. Hosted by Cobleskill Dairy Cattle Club.Click here to view the Complete Catalog!

30th Cobleskill Dairy Fashion Sale A Rousing Success

The Cobleskill Dairy fashion Sale held on Saturday, April 2nd at SUNY Cobleskill in NY was a tremendous success.  The annual sale was hosted by the SUNY Cobleskill Dairy Club and students selected and prepared the cattle for the sale.  A huge crowd was on hand to witness 83 full lots average $2,648.00 with all six dairy breeds represented at the sale.

Topping the sale and a new high for the sale series was lot 1G, consigned by Ashley Sears.  A choice of six females from the great “Pistachio Pie”  EX-94%, All-AM 4yr old & 5yr old Guernsey & Supreme Champ WDE in ’07, it sold for $12,700.00.  The buyer was Joseph Piskorowski of Ithaca, NY and the contenders were Spring Hill of Ohio.  Lot 41, a VG-85 milking Baxter from John Richmond sold for $7,000.00 to John & Marilyn Cline.  She carried an embryo contract & major AI interest w/GTPI +1904.  Lot 37 from Ken & Vivian Riehl sold for $6,900.00 to Dale Niswander.  She was a Shot Al daughter w/GTPI +2106 from a VG-88 Toystory. 

In addition to the usual offering of Holsteins, the sale featured one lot from other prominent dairy breeds.  Lot 1A was an Oblique daughter born December 2010 from the Unanimous All-Am Sr 3yr old Ayrshire ’09.  She sold for $4,000.00 to Gene Hall from Oklahoma.  Lot 1B was a Sept. 2010 Secret daughter from the All-Am Aged Swiss in 2007.  She sold for $6,600.00 to Shawn Young of VT and was consigned by Main & Vail.  Lot 1J was a Hired Gun daughter born 4/7/10 from a VG-88 daughter of the great “Veronica” a living legend in the Jersey breed!  She sold for $5,150.00 to Sarah McDowell of MD.  Lot 1M represented the Milking Short Horn breed and sold for $2,900.00 to Ron Andrews of, PA.  She was consigned by Gerald Merrill and sold milking 78lbs & she was Nominated All-Am Fall Calf in 2009.

Sale Chairperson, Liz Trombley handled her duties masterfully and the dairy club is to be commended for an outstanding job all around.  The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange with David Rama handling auctioneer duties and Horace Backus presenting pedigrees.  Dan Brandt, Duane Conant, Jamie Black, Dr. John Tryon & Dr. Ronnie Thomas accepted bids from the crowd and worked the phones.

Just fifteen cows and bred heifers were offered in the sale with the other sixty eight lots being calves or yearlings.  Congratulations to SUNY Cobleskill students on a job well done!

$2,648 on 83 Full Lots
Mar. 18 Vision-Gen & Partners Elite Offerings. Hosted by Vision Genetics. Held at the Ben K. Stolzfus Farm. Click here to view the Complete Catalog! $2,667 on 98 Full Lots
Mar. 10 Chestnut-Hyll Farm Dispersal. 100 head sell backed by deep pedigrees, solid type & the best sires of the breed! Kurt & Arnie Nieminen, owners. Held at the Ben K. Stolzfus Farm. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farms! Click here to view the Complete Catalog! $1,426 on 92 Full Lots
Jan. 13

The New York ET Convention Sale. Click Here to view the complete catalog!

The NY ET Convention Sale held on Thursday, January 13th started off with a bang as Lot 1 sold for $20,000.  Consigned by Maple Downs, Heath and Cooper, this pick of Snowman’s from a VG-89 Shottle sold to Todd Galton of Nunda, NY.  In all, 30 full lots averaged $8,097.00 with a total gross of $265,650.00 for the evening, making this the highest averaging Convention Sale of All-Time.

Rick Verbeek, Dan Brandt, Ray LeBlanc, Patsy Gifford and Jason Pullis handled numerous phone bids as well as catching bids from the crowd.  The team of Dave Rama and Horace Backus handled the gavel and pedigrees respectively.  Merry Rama clerked the sale and handled several phone bids including Lot 6, selling for $51,000.00 to Arethusa Farm.  This sensational Domain daughter consigned by King and Emerling came out with a GTPI +2366, one of the highest in the breed!

Thirteen lots sold for $6000.00 or higher.  The high embryos of the night (Lot 36A) sold for $800 ea.  Sired by Snowman from a VG-88 Goldwyn.  They were consigned by Welcome Stock Farm and purchased by Coyne Farms, Avon, NY.

Sexing Technologies procured some fabulous individuals including Lot 5, a Planet daughter consigned by Matt Steiner of Ohio from the world famous Missy family. Sexing Technologies also purchased Lot 7 for $20,000.00 consigned by Welcome Stock Farm.  These were a choice of 4 Observer daughters from a VG-86 Shottle with GTPI’S ranging from 2129 to 2302.  In addition, they purchased lots 8 and 23.

Congratulations to all consignors and buyers on a great sale and a first class convention!

$8,097.00 on 30 Full Lots

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