Dec. 16 Holstein Holiday Sale II. Held at the Ben K. Stolzfus Farm. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farms. Click here to view complete catalog! $1,388.78 on 111 Full Lots
Dec. 4 The Holstein Holiday Sale. Click here to view complete catalog!

The Holstein Holiday Sale held on Saturday, December 4th in Intercourse, PA saw 111 full lots average $1,988.38 with buyers from 11 States. Topping the sale at $6,300 was Lot 1, a beautiful 2E-94 Lee with 1441 pounds of fat, due in April to Jasper. She sold to Larry Dykstra of IA & she is backed by 8 generations of VG or EX dams from the Fran-Lou Meadow family. Second high was Lot 47, a springing Redliner from the Skagvale Gay family. Selling for $4,550 to William Benton of NY, she is a potential 10th generation EX! Third high seller was Lot 45, a very fancy Cal-Red daughter due January 1st. The buyer was Promise Haven Farm of PA at $4,450 and her maternal side goes back to the Enhancer Feather-Red cow once owned by Max Beere.

Dave Rama and Horace Backus worked from the box while Don & Harold Welk, Les Terpstra and Dan Brandt handled bids from the large crowd on hand. The sale started with a semen sale of oldies but goodies including sexed Dundee semen selling for $70/unit; Adolph $35/unit; Outside $55/unit; Shottle $95/unit; Stormatic $70/unit & much more.The next sale will be December 16th in Intercourse for a special Milking Herd Dispersal!More milk than we have ever sold!!!!!!!

$1,988.38 on 111 Full Lots


Nov 18 Hike-Em-Up Holsteins Complete Dispersal. 110 head sell, BAA 109.5%. William & Susan Sellers, owners. Click Here to view complete catalog! $1,648.85 on 100 Full Holstein Lots
Nov 15 Intervale Holsteins Dispersal. Janice Sears, owner. 100 head sell, 20 Jerseys. Deep Pedigrees! Click Here to view complete catalog! $1,508.01 on 73 Full Holstein Lots

Jersey Average: $1,110.59

Nov 5 Hubschmidt Holsteins Complete Dispersal. John & Martha Hubschmidt, owners. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farms. Click here to view complete catalog!A large, enthusiastic crowd attended the Hubland Farm Dispersal held on Friday, November 5th in Intercourse, PA and saw 95 full lots sell for an average of $1,721.  John and Martha Hubschmidt of Bridgeton, NJ have been tremendous supporters on NJ Holsteins for years and are a 24 time PBR winner!  The NJ contingency came out in force and plowed away on many of the fine cows and bred heifers offered in this sale as well as the local Lancaster County market.

Lot 9, sired by Morty, sold fresh at VG-88 points and she fetched $6,000, selling to Myerwood Farms of Pilesgrove, NJ.  Her dam was a VG-88 Aspen & 2nd dam was 2E-95 Encore Rip.  Her GP-83 maternal sister by Sept Storm also sold, springing for $3,100. to Elvin Reiff of Mt. Joy, PA.  Third high seller, Lot 58, was a fresh, VG-87, BW Marshall daughter from a GP-83 Aeroline dam.  She sold to Donald Mills, of Delaware for $3,050.  Twenty head sold for $2,000. or higher and cattle were purchased by 5 different states.At the start of the sale, John said he had tried to sell his herd privately for sometime but all the potential buyers had indicated they were not interested in any cows over 2 lactations.  He advised the buyers at the sale, the good older cows still had lots of life and his speech was well accepted with many cows over 5 years of age selling for $1,500. to $2,000.

Alvin String of Harrisonville, NJ was the volume buyer of the day, selecting a super set of young cows that will please him for a long time.   Don Welk, Russ George, Bob Landis & Harold Welk accepted bids while Horace Backus and Dave Rama worked the box.

Congratulations and our best wishes to John and Martha Hubschmidt!  They are exemplary Holstein Breeders and what the business should be all about!

$1,721.05 on 95 Full Lots
Oct 29 Vision Gen Elite Offerings. Click here to view complete catalog.The Vision-Gen & Partners Elite Offering held on Friday, October 29th in Intercourse, PA was well received with 143 full lots averaging $3,452.10 for a total gross of $500,225.00.  Over 200 people attended on a beautiful Lancaster County day.

The first two lots in the ring were 14 & 15, two full sisters sired by Superstition with lot 14 having a GTPI +2196 and Lot 15 a GTPI +2246.  Their dam, an Excellent Goldwyn from the Barbie family also sold ($6,500.00 to Ben Shelton, NC).  Select Sires placed the winning bid of $25,500.00 and chose lot 15.  Lot 14 was quickly put up again and commanded the third high price of the day at $18,000.00 selling to Dennis Wolff of Millville, PA.  Lot 62, a really fancy Shottle daughter born May, 2010 carried a GTPI +2380 and sold for $19,500.00 to Bill & Tim Rauen, Tom & Rick Simon and Mark Butz of Farley, IA.  The dam was an unscored daughter of Goldwyn from an EX-91 Outside and the second dam was Chief Adeen!  The dam sold for $8,900.00 to Mike Heath, Purple Fever, Steve Morrill and Gerbaten Acres of Lowville, NY.

Rock Hill Dairy of NM, batted away all day on tremendous cattle and procured lot 29, a very fancy Atwood daughter born April, 2010 with a GTPI +2118 for $16,000.00.  Her dam is an EX-90 Shottle daughter of the great Lila Z!  In all, Rock Hill took home 30 head and they were special!  Keep on eye on Rock Hill Dairy, they are buying the great ones!

Lot 14, a February, 2010 daughter of Man o Man sold for $14,000.00 to Carlyle Westendorp of Nashville, MI.  Her dam is EX-92 Goldwyn Wistful!  Ben Shelton and Arlin Buttke from North Carolina sat front and center and cherry picked some tremendous fresh cows and fancy heifers all day!  It was a sensational offering and the cattle all found new homes that should please all the buyers!

In all, cattle sold to 12 different states plus England and Canada.  Fifty head commanded a price of $3,000.00 or more! It was great to see some friends from California including Gil Teixeira who took home 4 head!  We wish Gil and Linda our very best!

Congratulations to Corey Wolff of Vision Genetics for breeding such a tremendous selection of high Genomic cattle with phenomenal pedigrees!  The sale staff was magnificent handling bids from across the country and at the sale facility, including; Les Terpstra, Rick Verbeek, Ray LeBlanc, Mike Weimer, Tom Harkenrider, Nick Raggi, Dan Brandt, Horace Backus, Tim Rauen, Bob Landis, Amy Savage, Don Welk and David Rama.  The fitting crew headed by Jason Thomas had the cattle looking superb as always!

Next Vision-Gen & Partners Elite Offering will be held on Friday, March , 18th in Intercourse, PA.  Plan your trip now and get ready to buy some elite genetics worth the money!

$3,452.10 on 143 Full Lots
Oct 23 New York Holstein Harvest Sale. Click here to view complete catalog.The annual NY Holstein Harvest Sale held on Saturday, October 23rd at the Cornell Livestock Pavilion drew a massive crowd.  When the dust settled, the sale averaged $3,212.73 on 110 full lots with a gross sale of $361,350.  Cattle sold to ten states.

Sale topper was lot 15 from Marshman Farms, a Red, Polled daughter of Destry from an unscored Lawn Boy dam that looks great and has sons already contracted for AI.  The Destry heifer came in with a GTPI +2122 & the bidding was brisk ending at $36,500.  Buyers were Liz Partners c/o Faus Family of Rock Stream, NY, Ken Riehl and Durrell Martin.  Contender was ABS/St. Jacobs with many additional players over $30,000.  Second high was lot 9 from Clear Echo, a VG-85 Ramos daughter with loads of contract interest and a GTPI +2012.  The final bidder was Dr. Barry England of PA.  Carlton Bull of West Chazy, the contender of lot 9 was the final bidder of lot 36 selling for $11,000.  She was a real flashy Superstition daughter with a GTPI of +2150 carrying contract interest!

Thirty-Three head sold for $3,000. or more in the sale!  No doubt, genomics carried the day on prices.  The great, deep pedigrees appear to be worth the money these days and everyone looking to make an investment should consider the tremendous foundation pedigrees being offered.  They have never been more affordable!

Sale staff included; Horace Backus, Don Welk, Patsy Gifford, Jason Pullis, Rick Verbeek, Tom Harkenrider, Dave Rama.  The cattle were well prepared by the Cornell University Dairy Club and the students and faculty of Cornell are to be congratulated for another job well done.

$3,212.73 on 110 Full Lots
Oct 22 Pooledale Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Click here to view complete catalog.The Pooledale Holstein Complete Dispersal held on Friday, October 22nd was a resounding success.  The sale averaged right at $1,494 on 101 lots for mature cows down to four month old calves.  This grazing herd with just over a 17,500 pound herd average had many sired by homebred sires by Linjet, Durham, Dundee and Redmarker.  They were strong cattle with great udders and many were bred for spring calving.

With a sharp, cold, wind blowing in from the west and snow starting to fall for the first time this season, the crowd stayed securely under the heated tent to see this lovely udder herd disperse.  Topping the sale at $3,750 was a beautiful VG-88 daughter of Dundee.  Fresh for the third time, she looked destined to be EX next score.  Stonehurst Farm was agent for the purchase.  Ten head sold for $2,000. or more with many cattle heading to North Carolina and Pennsylvania as well as a strong contingency of NY buyers.  Recently born September calves were in demand with most bringing $900 to $1,200.

Congratulations to Ed, Laurie, Michelle and Megan!  For anyone who wants a great lunch, a special piece of pie and some great hospitality, be sure to stop at Laurie’s new venture on route 13.  The Poole Pit stop opens in November!

$1,493.81 on 101 Full Lots
Oct 15 Walnut Lane Farm Complete Dispersal. Click here to view complete catalog.A huge, enthusiastic, crowd attended the Walnut Lane Farm Complete Dispersal on Friday, October 15th.  The sale began with the farm equipment and prices were strong just like the wind, all day!

The sale tent was packed & the bidding was brisk from start to finish.  The Holstein herd of 122 head averaged $1,663.00 consisting of milking cows, bred heifers, yearlings and calves.  Topping the sale at $3,800 was lot 45, a Red Destry heifer born April 10, 2010 w/PTPI +1911.  She sold to Michael Allen of Gen-Toctin Farm, Jefferson, MD.  Her VG-85 Rampage dam (Lot 44) was second high at $3,750. selling to Delvin Halteman of Quarryville, PA.  Third high was Lot 1, a VG Shottle with loads of potential.  She sold to Ron Statler II of Greencastle, PA for $3,500.  Eldon Rudolph of Chambersburg, PA picked off Lot 5, a straight daughter of Advent due in March from an EX-90 Outside dam from the Pala family for $3,000.  Twenty Three head sold for $2,000. or more.  Harry Bachman, Don Welk, Horace Backus, Dan Brandt all assisted with the auction and handled their duties masterfully.  Merry Rama & Amber Newman handled the clerking for the day with over 250 bidder numbers issued sale day.

We congratulate Rodney, Darlene, Emily & Tobin for a tremendous sale and the quality of life they have led.  This family has participated in state and local shows for years, been active in both the Holstein and Guernsey Associations and great supporters of their local community.  Having sold the farm, we wish them the very best in their new endeavors.

$1,633.00 on 117 Full Lots
Oct 9 Rohe Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Click here to view complete catalog.The family of Steve and Trish Rohe in Syracuse, NY dispersed their outstanding Holstein herd on Saturday, October 9th.  A large & enthusiastic crowd gathered on a beautiful sunny day on Onondaga Hill to see this tremendous herd sell!  When the day was over 128 lots consisting of cows, heifers and calves averaged $1,771.

Cows were the strength of the day with Lot 86, an EX-90 Best daughter topping the sale at $5,600. bred to Shottle and selling to Lantland Farms of Horseheads, NY.  Gordon Wood from PA was contender and was a major player all day buying 17 head of outstanding young cows!  Second high for the day was Lot 29, an EX-92 Durham at $5,100. selling to Roger Schug of Ohio.  With a tremendous frame & udder and an EX-90 Rudolph dam, Roger says she is one of the finest cows he has ever owned!  She sold fresh in December and on service.  Thirty Five head sold for $2,000 or higher with cattle selling to five states and two provinces in Canada.

Horace Backus, Don Welk, Larry Hill, Jason Pullis and Patsy Gifford all assisted sale day and performed brilliantly!  The tent was packed, the chairs were full and many friends of the Rohe family assisted sale day.

Congratulations to the Rohe family for their years of devotion to the dairy industry and the great Holstein cow.  Active at all the major shows in the Northeast, the Rohe family is a testament of everything that is right in this country, family, hard work, dedication and pride!  Some of the finest people we have ever worked with and we wish them great success in their new endeavors.  Dave & Merry Rama

$1,771.25 on 128 Lots
Sept 11 Morrisville Autumn Review Sale featuring 41 head selling from EX dams scored up to EX 95! Click here to view the complete catalog!

The Morrisville Autumn Review Sale held September 11, 2010 averaged $2,242.93 on 92 full lots.  A moment of silence was observed for victims of 9/11 at the start of the sale on a beautiful sunny day with an overflowing crowd in attendance.  Beth Keene handled selections for the sale and what a super line up it was!

Topping the sale was Lot 2, a stylish daughter of the great Dur Chan, consigned by Kingstead & Mercuro and purchased by Brad Murphy of Parish, NY for $7,200.  Tied for second high was Lot 30, an extremely fancy Goldwyn daughter born 12-3-09 from a VG-87 Linjet from the Royal Rosa Family & she is a potential fifteenth generation excellent.  Also selling at $5,200 was Lot 43, another fancy Goldwyn born 12-13-09 from the excellent 92 Starbuck daughter of the immortal Dellia!  She sold to one of the great cow men in NY, Mike Putman and was consigned by Erinwood and Mercuro.  The fancy deep pedigreed heifers were in demand all day.

Horace Backus handled the pedigrees duties while Don Welk worked the ring along with Jason Pullis, Duane Conant and students Edwin Moran and Brett Myles.  The students did a magnificent job in preparing the cattle for the sale, clipped to perfection and every detail in order.  The sale was co-chaired by Katy Kemmeren and Courtney Supa and overseen by faculty member Beth Keene.  Special thanks to Jason Pullis of The Cattle Exchange for all has assistance handling paperwork, sale order and organizational details!

Merry Rama and Amber Newman performed their usual outstanding job with clerking details and handling transportation details immediately after the sale!

$2,242.93 on 92 Lots
Sept 9 Kingsmill Fall Classic, featuring 150+ from the breed’s greatest cow families! Held at the Ben K. Stolzfus Farm. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Click here to view The Catalog.

A large crowd attended The Kingsmill Fall Classic Held on September 9th in Intercourse, PA.  157 head graced the shavings and when the dust settled they averaged 2,533.12 with over 100 head selling under 15 months of age.  There was spirited bidding throughout the sale with cattle heading to 14 states.  A number of people viewed the sale on line as well, and over 160 buyer numbers were issued sale day.

Topping the sale at $10,300 was Lot 2, a very stylish daughter of the Great Ashlyn, selling to Gene Iager and Nick Raggi of Maryland and due March first to Damion.  Second high was Lot 11, a fancy Durham from Ashlyn born November 2009 selling to Jim Harris and Nate Hill of Perkasie, PA.  Lot 7 an Aftershock daughter of Ashlyn sold to Tom Murphy from MA, for $7,200 born March 2010 and was third high of the sale. The sale grossed $397,700.00 with Rock Hill Dairy from New Mexico the volume buyer of the day.The sale was co-managed by The Cattle Exchange & Stonehurst Farm with a tremendous sale staff including Les Terpstra, Nick Raggi, Scott Culbertson, Dave Lentz, Russ George, Harry Bachman and of course the living legend and master at pedigrees, Horace Backus.  The fitting crew spear headed by Jason Thomas had the cattle looking fantastic.

Congratulations to Mr. David Falk, Mitch Hockett and the Kingsmill staff for presenting such a fine array of Holstein genetics and to Adam Liddle of Liddleholme Holsteins who also participated as a consignor with 25 head!

$2,533.12 on 157 Lots
Aug 20 All-Riehl Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Complete Catalog onlineThrow in a beautiful day, a packed tent and some highly tested Genomic Holsteins and you could have a very successful sale just like the All-Riehl Sale, owned by Ken and Vivian Riehl and family held on August 20, 2010 in Himrod, NY.  The sale averaged $2,764 on 103 full lots.

Topping the sale at $20,000. was lot 5, sired by Dorcy with a GTPI +2239, she sold to TAW of Dryden, NY carrying contracts from virtually every AI unit in North America.  Her dam is a VG Toystory w/1113F & grdam 3E-91-GMD-DOM Outside!  Second high selling for $14,500 was lot 9 sired by Malicieux with a high GTPI and carrying a $7,000. AI contract from Genex.  Cut right, she had many other AI units ready to talk business with the new owner, Oakfield Corners Dairy.  Sixteen head sold for $5,000. or above.  Lot 10 and lot 55 each sold for $9,500.  Lot ten, sired by Leif, sold to Oakfield Corners Farm and lot ten, sired by Planet, sold to Sexing Technologies.  Both carried major AI contracts.

The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange of Delhi, NY.  Sale staff included, Dave Rama, Don Welk, Horace Backus, Rick Verbeek, Tom Harkenrider, Patsy Gifford, Lloyd Simon & Jason Pullis. Bids were handled by the sale staff from over ten states plus the overflowing crowd in attendance!

$2,764 on 103 lots
Aug 6 Virginia Sale of Stars – Co-Managed with Landis Marketing & Daniel Brandt. Complete Catalog online. $2,436 avg
July 29 Smiling Hill Holsteins Dispersal, Highest price was $3,600 for Lakeeffectrm Baxter Laura b: 3/08, due 8/9 to Planet, buyer, William & Brett Benton, NY. $1,511 on 85 lots
July 10 Legacy of Lantland Sale. Held during NY Holstein Assoc Summer Picnic. Hosted by Lantland Farms. High price of $10,600 for Lot 13, Landland Lucifer Imagine EX 91 91MS, consigned by the Lants and purchased by Don & Janice Smith, Franklin, NY. $2,593 on 95 lots
July 3 Visions of Veronica Sale at Arethusa Farm – 30 descendants of Veronica EX 97! High price of $25,000 for Lot 25 – South Mountain Voltage Spice. $9,565 avg on 20 lots
June 19 The Garden-Spot Trifecta. Hosted by Stolhaven, Cocalico & Sixcorner Farm. Co-Managed with Landis Marketing. The Trifecta included consignments from three prominent Lancaster County breeders, Stolhaven, Cocalico and Sixcorner. Topping the sale at $14,000 was Stolhaven Redliner Snospots *RC, a fresh Redliner from Ridle-Side Tina Snowball-ET *RC (EX-90). Maternal sisters to Snowball include Ridle-Side Tina Lou-Red (VG-87 and All-American R&W Fall Calf 2003) and Ridle-Side Tina Lee-Red (EX-91 and the Unanimous All-American R&W Winter Calf 2003 and Winter Yearling 2004). The Snospots Syndicate, Strasburg, PA, was the successful buyer. Second high seller of the sale was Cocalico-Rama Jasper Alessa, the beautiful black Jasper from Cranberry-Mdws Gibson After (EX-92) x Md-Delight Storm Allison (2E-91 DOM) x Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen (2E-94 DOM). Richard Smith of Tennessee was the successful buyer at $12,700. Avg $2,899 on 114 full lots
June 5 Jon-Lu Holsteins Dispersal & Friends Sale. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Intercourse, PA for the Jon-Lu Dispersal and Friends sale. The facilities were at full capacity with interested onlookers with great pedigrees all the way down the lineup. 86 full lots averaged just under $3500. Topping the sale at $66,000 was the HHM AA Red and White Junior 2-Year-Old from 2008, Jon-Lu Talent Regina VG-88. Regina was fresh in April, milking 100 pounds per day, and will campaign as a 4-year-old this year. Her dam is the VG-88 Durham daughter of Sellcrest NO Rachel EX-94. Rachel is a two time Reserve Champion of the International Red and White show and a descendant of the great D-R-A August EX-96. Mike Deaver of Edgerton, WI and Associates were the winning bidders with Milksource Genetics of Kaukauna, WI as contenders.John & Luke Coblentz, owners. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Avg $3,457 on 86 full lots
May 21 NY Holstein Classic and Spring Replacement Sale 350 head selling of the highest quality! 11:00AM Whitney Pt, NY
May 14 Proctors Belair Farm Complete Dispersal, featuring 150 high production Registered Jerseys & 100 ID Registered Holsteins; freestall & parlor trained. Egremont, MA
May 8 Joleanna Spring Premier Sale, It was quite the day with 110 lots of exceptional animals from both Joleanna and Arethusa, a variety of extreme weather including strong winds, rain, heat and cold…but when it was all said and done,  The first lot in the ring was lot 19- Astrahoe Rrbt Dplx Rayna EX-91 (94-MS). Sired by Duplex, this 15th generation was struck off at $25,700 to Elvin Reiff of Mt Joy, PA. You can see all the videos and highlights from the day by visitingwww.joleanna-holsteins.com. Avg $4,914 on 102 full lots
April 29 Lin-Ro Holsteins Dispersal – Robert Sensenig & Sons,Topping the sale was lot 1, King-Lane Shtle Polkadot-ET. This 63 1/2 inch Shottle daughter sold due in 3 weeks to Sanchez and is +1921 GTPI. Her dam is an 3E-94 Durham with numerous sons in A.I. Polkadot was knocked off at $40,000 to Robert and Joyce Hoffman of Berlin, PA with Gene Iager contending. Polkadot’s fancy Alexander daughter sold for $7,000 to David King of Coatesville, PA who knows the family well, having bred PolkadotLot 53 was just scored EX-92 the day before the sale. This fancy Talent daughter was from a GP-83 Durham and then an EX Storm and sold for $7,900. Lot 27- Cherrie-Kreek Bonbon-Red-ET (VG-88), a potential 8th generation EX sold for $6,800 to Kenny Myer of Elizabethtown, PA. Sired by Advent. $2,794 on 166 full lots
April 23 Vision Gen & Partners Sale: The top selling animal was Applouis Jet Stream Alda (VG-85), the #2 GTPI milking Jet Stream daughter.   She is from the Converse Judy family and sold to Air America Dairy, LLC for $12,000. The second highest seller was Miss Shottle Sidney, a fancy daughter of Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret (VG-87).  This heifer is a maternal sister to the popular Secure-Red bull.   She was sold $10,100 to Jonathan Pinkerton  and Jeff Winton of NJ. $3,524 avg on 111 full lots
April 17 29th Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale. The sale grossed $227,025 on 127 lots. The high seller of the sale was a 1st Choice out of last year’s sale high seller, Ellbank Cherry Coke-Red-ET, by Advent that sold for $7500. The pick was consigned by Midas Touch Genetics and purchased by Jenny Mills of Monanfran Farm. $1,979 avg on 105 Holstein lots $1,116 on 11 Jersey Lots
April 10 NY Spring International Holstein Sale High price of $28,500 on lot 19, 4 others at $22,000, $17,300, $16,000, and $10,000. 12 more over $5,000 to $9,500. $4,464 avg on 93 full lots
March 18 Welk-Shade Complete Dispersal – high seller was LOT 84 who sold for $12,000, she is Coldsprings Drake 2779, a Drake 2-year-old who just scored VG-89 EX-MS last week. She is out of a VG-85 Gerard, then Starbuck Ada 2E-94 DOM. The buyer was Jay Stoltzfus, Lancaster, PA $3,194 avg on 94 lots
March 5 Roy-Dell Holstein Complete Dispersal – Leroy & Gary Weaver, owners Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm — High price of $2,325 $1,327 on 130 full lots
Feb 13
Valentine’s Day Special. High price of $6,800, 4 lots sold for over $3,000 $2,185 on 88 full lots
Jan 14 The New York Convention ET Sale was held in conjunction with the New York All Breeds Event in Utica, NY. Topping the sale was the consignment from Nate Janssen & AMS Genetics of Wauconda, IL, a first choice Super from two females due 7/10. The dam is UFM-Dubs Shari-ET (VG-87 DOM), a Shottle daughter with a GTPI in August of +2331 and a 2-year-old record of 2-00 3 365 31,440 4.5 1424 3.5 1089. The next dam is UFM-Dubs Eroy *TV (VG-87 DOM), one of Roy’s highest indexing daughters. Muranda Holsteins was the successful buyer at $17,000. The second high seller at $15,500 was Lot 25 the first choice Atwood out of Miss Hazel Advent Holly-ET consigned by Jonathon and Alicia Lamb and purchased by Laurie Beggs, Ogdensburg, NY. Lot 5 $14,500 first choice Bronco out of Clear-Echo Offroad 1525-ET consigned by Clear-Echo Farm, Schuylerville, NY and purchased by Select Sires. Lot 7 sold for $13,000 to Chris and Stephanie George, Freedom, NY Lot 9 sold for $12,000 to James Genasci, Modesto, CA. Lot 29 sold for $11,100 to Select Sires Lot 23 sold for $10,200 to Lizmore Dairy, Arkport, NY. The high selling embryo was Lot 6 at $2,200 to Cowtown $6,378 avg on 34 lots

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