Dec 18 Holstein Holiday Sale: featuring Pencroft Holsteins: Topping the sale at $8800 was lucky Lot 13, Ms Pencroft Durham Hallie-ET, a VG-89 Durham bred in early December to Goldwyn.  Milking 94 pounds on her last test, Hallie is out of a 30,000M Gibson and then the 2E-93 Eastriver RM Hanzel-ET.  Showring potential runs in the family, as Hallie’s maternal sister was the Res. All-American Jr. 2-Year-Old in 2007.  Consigned by Paul & Angie Neer, Hallie was struck off to Joleanna Holsteins, Unadilla, NY.  The second high seller at $7000 was another consignment from the Neers, New-Direction BG Fruit-ET, an EX-90 Goldwyn from Woodbine-ND Encore Flute-ET (2E-91).  Fruit made a first lactation record of 2-00 365 28,970 4.5 1320 3.5 1005 and is working on her 3-06 lactation already with 13,000M 558 and 390F (Inc.).  Bred to Alexander in early November, Fruit has two Excellent sisters by Goldwyn and Durham and is backed by five generations of VG and EX to Plushanski Chief Faith (4E-94).  Frank Connelly and Lylehaven, East Montpelier, VT, were the successful bidders.  Iowa Holstein breeder Larry Finch purchased Craggan Goldwyn Stefany, an EX-90 Goldwyn fresh in October with her second calf.  From a GP-82 Millenium dam, the next five dams are all VG and EX from the Eastriver herd.  Stefany sold for $4700.  The sale was co-managed with Stonehurst Farm. $2,386 avg on 110 full lots
Dec 11 Dynamic Attractions III, Paul & Carol Knier, A first choice female by either Mac, Goldwyn or Alexander due next spring out of Jenny-Lou Shottle 1893 (VG-87) was the high seller of the sale at $8,500. Shottle 1893 carries a +2009 CTPI and is out of a VG-88 full sister to Toystory and Lou, and she herself is the full sister to the high-testing genomic bull, Jenny-Lou Shottle Trump-ET. Second high at $6,900 was a first choice Aftershock female due in May, 2010 out of Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Sofia-ET (VG-87-2YR-CAN). From the prolific Glen Drummond Shower family, Sofia already has five sons in AI with more being tested. Consigned by Select Genetics, WI, the choice was purchased by Wendy Zabel, WI. Castleholm Holsteins of Mondovi, WI consigned the third high seller – a 3/09 red Advent out of Astrahoe RM Rosa Rae-Lyn-ET (EX-90). Rae-Lyn has a top record of 59,244M 2500F & 1772P and is a 14th generation EX from the historic Audrey Posch family. David Rose and Joe Hughes of Oshkosh, WI paid $6,500 to take home this potential 15th generation Excellent. $2,141 avg on 77 lots
Nov 19 Rocklan Holsteins Complete Dispersal

  • HIGH SELLER: LOT 1 – $43,000 – Pfaffs Gibson Rally (2E-94) – Purchased by Aghamora Farm of Greenwich, NY
  • 2nd HIGH SELLER: LOT 64 – $24,000 – Rocklan Durham Pewvey, a 5/07 Durham X Lylehaven-W BC Petra-ET (EX-92), 3rd Dam El-Dor Saber Pansy (3E-95 GMD DOM)
  • LOT 15 – $18,300 – Ernest-Anthony Fasion, a VG-87 Allegiance X Tri-Koebel Linjet Fearsome (2E-94), purchased by Blue-Gene Holsteins
  • LOT 24 – $17,000 – Arethusa Sammys Shadow-ET, a VG-87 Jordan X Ernest-Anthony LL Sammy-ET (2E-95)
  • LOT 63 – $8800 – Woodmansees Ljet Pewter-ET, an EX-93 Linjet X Lylehaven-W BC Petra-ET (EX-92)
  • LOT 83 – $8800 – Rocklan Brenda-ET, an EX-94 Linjet X Bruneberni Outside Bambi (3E-94)
  • LOT 6 – $8750 – 9/09 Goldwyn X Pfaffs Gibson Rally (2E-94), Purchased by Gerald Todd
  • LOT 25 – $8700 – Crackholm Independence-ET, a 2E-92 Skychief X Dreane Astre Inksou (EX-96,4E-CAN)
  • LOT 35 – $8200 – Rocklan Matag-ET, an EX-93 Astronomical X Ladyholm-R ML Missy (2E-94)
  • LOT 3 – $7500 – 6/09 Shottle X Pfaffs Gibson Rally (2E-94)
  • LOT 81 – $7500 – A 1/08 Aspen X Conant-Acres Roy Deva (EX-94) Due in February to Jasper
  • LOT 11 – $7300 – Pintail Point Rudy, a VG-88 September Storm from the Roxy Family, purchased by Monanfran Farms
  • LOT 4 – $6100 – 6/09 Shottle X Pfaffs Gibson Rally (2E-94)

$4,205 avg on 122 full lots
Nov 12 The Thanksgiving Dairy Classic Sale 105 lots of quality herd reduction cattle and some special consignments! Featuring the Fearnley Heifer Dispersal Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm Inc 11:00am
Intercourse, PA
Nov 7 The third edition of the Ridgedale Farm Sale, hosted by the Conard family, and this sale ended with an average of $3,356 on 114 lots.Topping the sale at $20,000 was Ridgedale Avaree-ET, an Advent daughter of Ridgedale Ava-ET (EX-92) who was just fresh on November 2nd. Avaree’s dam is the well-known tanbark favorite who was most recently 1st Sr. 3-year-old at the Premier National Junior Show in 2009; a repeat title as she was the winning fall calf at the 2006 Premier National Junior Show. Ava was also the HM Jr. All-American Fall Yearling in 2007. Her dam is Amlaird Lee Amy-ET (2E-92), an own daughter of Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen-ET (2E-94 DOM). Adam Liddle of Argyle, NY, purchased this fancy young 2-year-old, while Todd Galton of Nunda, NY, was contender. The second high seller at $17,500 was Ridgedale Rasia-Red, a 3/09 Redwood from Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (EX-91), the Res. Jr. All-American R&W Sr. 3-Year-Old in 2008. Raichu was also the Grand Champion of the New York R&W Spring Youth Show and is a maternal sister to Ridgedale-T Refresh. The next dam is Ridgedale-T Rehema-Red (2E-93) followed by 7 more VG and EX dams to Roxy herself.

  • Other high selling prices included:
  • Lot 1 Ridgedale Exalt-ET(Durham x Ridgedale Estel 3E-95 x Estelle 3E-95 x Example 3E-95)
  • Lot 3 & Lot 4 – Ridgedale Embrace-ET (9/6/09) and Ridgedale Empower-ET (9/7/09) – Outside calves x Estel $7,500 and $7,400
  • Lot 27 Ridgedale Avaryll-ET (Advent x Ava – full sister to high seller) $6,800
  • Lot 35 Ridgedale Avidly (6/21/09 Goldwyn x Ava) $6,000
  • Lot 41 Whitaker Stormatic Adda-ET – Stormatic x La-Foster Astro Adona-ET EX-90 x Md-Delight Durham Atlee EX-92 DOM $8,200
  • Lot 98 Ridgedale Abigail *RC – Rustler-Red x Ridgedale Amy 2E-91 then 6 more EX dams to Johns Lucky Barb $6,300
$3,356 Avg on 114 lots
Oct 31 The New York Holstein Harvest Sale: Hosted by the Cornell University Dairy Science Club members and sponsored by the NY Holstein Association. The top two lots were both purchased by Dr. Barry England of Pennsyvlania. Lot 7 was a first choice Million from three females due 12/09. Their dam is Miss Elegant Delight-ET, a VG-88 Honeycrest Elegant with GTPI +2132. Delight already has eight brothers in AI and more contracted. Her dam is the well-known Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET, the EX-92 sale topper from the Regancrest Command Performance Sale at $94,000. Of Z-Delight’s closest 10 dams, nine are VG and EX. The choice was consigned by Oakfield Corners Dairy of Oakfield, NY, for $27,000. Second high selling lot at $12,500 was a first choice of two females by Brandt-View Z Earnit CRI-ET due 1/10 or one pregnancy by Charlesdale Superstition due 6/10 and four implants made 10/09 or seven implants made on 10/09 by Badger Bluff Fanny Freddie-ET…or MAS. The dam of this extensive assortment of choices was Kings-Ransom FBI Europe *TL, a VG-88 FBI daughter with GTPI +1937M. The next dam is Kings-Ransom Pippen Ellie *TV (VG-87). The choice was offered as a unique high genomic pedigree with no Durham, Shottle, Goldwyn or O-Man in the mix, and was consigned by Edgar King of Schuylerville, NY. $3,385 avg on 118 lots
Oct 30 Morrisville Bred Heifer Sale – 60 head – 11:00am
Morrisville, NY
Oct 24 Foot-Hill Farm Milking Herd Dispersal. Kevin & Tammy Eastman& Family, The high price was $3,600 on lot 54, an EX 92 Lee daughter. A total of 7 lots brought $3,000 or higher 98 full lots avg $1,835
Oct 23 Eastern New York Fall Heifer Sale, Dave Rama auctioneer 11:00 am Rhinebeck, NY
Oct 17 The Change of Season Sale, featuring the Cooper Farm Dispersal was held in Whitney Point, NY.The sale topper was lot 65 Ty-Ly-View Amedeo Fame-ET EX-93 who brought $13,200. Fame was recently selected as the Grand Champion Jersey at the Premier National Jr Show in Harrisburg as well as Grand Champion of the NYS Fair. Other highlights include Lot 1 Cooper Farm Laser Aspen VG-88 brought $6,000. 110 full lots
Avg $1889
Sept 19 Morrisvile College Autumn Review Sale. Averaged $2,289 on 83 full lots. High price was $5000 for Lot #5, a Dec 2008 Jasper from EX dau of EX 96 Elegance, she was consigned by Todd Galton and purchased by Scott & Michelle Evans of Norwich, NY. 3 other lots sold for over $4000 and 12 others over $3,000. 83 lots avg $2,289
Sept 12 Arethusa/Kueffner Klassic Sale – High price was $25,500 on 2 lots, with 12 lots selling for over $10,000. Highlights include: Lot 41 Ernest-Anthony America-ET VG-87 $25,500;Lot 44 – Ernest-Anthony Amora-ET $25,500; Lot 62 Sandy-Valley Shot Aloshi-ET $20,000; Lot 112 – Arethusa Stormatic Kapri $15,200; ; Lot 98 – Ernest-Anthony Felicia-ET $10,500; Lot 96 Ernest-Anthony Fashion VG-87 $13,700; Lot 95 Tri-Koebel Linjet Fearsome 2E-94 $18,500; Lot 106 Luck-E Kartoon EX-94 $13,000; 138 Holsteins avg $5,527
41 Jerseys avg $3,549
Aug 14 R-Lynn Holsteins Dispersal, Cattle & Equipment. Co-Managed w/Stonehurst Farm
Lebanon, PA.
July 11 Kler-Vu Century Celebration Sale hosted by Tom Gilette & Family. Held in conjunction with the NY State Holstein Picnic Topping the sale at $14,000 was ZBW-JP Shottle Lulu-ET a 10/08 Shottle from SRF-ZBW TS Louana-ET a VG 89 Toystory with over $30,000 in AI & embryo contracts as a 2 year old. The granddam is Stone-Rise Durham Lizzy (2E 95) with over 50,000 & HM All-American 125,000 LB Cow in 2007. Consigned by Kevin & Barb Ziemba and Joe Piskorowski of Aurora, NY, she was purchased by Calvin Patten of Alexander, NY.Second high seller was 1st choice of two Million females due in December from Coyne-Farms Bret Daffers-ET (EX 90). Daffers has several sons in AI and a CTPI of +1910 and 1504 of fat. The choice was consigned by Coyne Farms of Avon, NY and purchased for $7,000 by Kings Ransom Farm of Schuylerville, NY. Third high seller was consigned by the sale host, Tom & JC Gillette. Kler-Vu Parnell Millie sold due in September to Million and was working ona 1400 pound fat record at 2-00. Ten of her 11 closest dams were all scored VG or EX and traced to the family that produced legendary All-American, Harborcrest Rose Milly (3E 97). She sold for $6,200 to Joel Hastings, with the Gilette’s retaining an interest in her. 85 lots avg $2,230
June 18 PA Dairy Classic: The sale featured consignments from Pineland, Juniper and Briggskill Holsteins. Topping the event was Juniper Goldwyn Whist-ET, the VG-86 Goldwyn from Norz-Hill Form Wok-ET (3E-94) with over 230,000M, 8400F and 7000P lifetime. Whist has a CTPI of +1959, with PTA numbers of +1317M +80F +42P +3.1PL and +2.99T. She sold in calf to Whitter-Farms Shot Ares, who has a GTPI of +1981 and +4.16T. Consigned by Juniper Genetics of Gray, ME, she sold for $5200 to Elvin Reiff of Mt. Joy, PA. The second high seller at $4300 was another Juniper consignment, Juniper Jardin Astonish-ET, a 4/08 Jardin daughter from Juniper Outside Ariel-ET (VG-89, EX-MS), with 3-04 365 31,790 4.4 1387 3.5 1097. The 2nd dam is Carters-Corner Man Aldi (2E-90 DOM) followed by Neu-Way Patron Allie-ET (VG-87 GMD DOM) and Neu-Way Aerostar Allie-ET (VG-87 GMD DOM). Andy Carter of Greenville, IL, purchased the heifer for $4300 $2,074 avg on 112 full lots
Jun 13 Cherry Kreek/Red Vision Sale II; Paul Yoder & Family High price of $20,000, total of 18 head at $5,000 or higher! The high selling live animal at Cherry-Kreek/Red Visions II Sale. Red-Vision Ad Glory-Red-ET (VG-88, 2y) . Glory was consigned by Blake Hansen from Hudson,IA and purchased by Chris Lundgren from River Falls, WI. Her dam, Red-Vision Dory-Red-ET (2E-92) sold next for $10,000. Dory was Res. Grand Champion of the `05 Grand International R&W Show. Kristoph Yoder of Oakland, MD is her new owner. She was consigned by Richard Green, Tom Mercuro and Paul & Naomi Yoder. $4,490 avg on 80 full lots
June 4 & 5! Short notice sale: Frosty Hollow Complete Dispersal: 430 cows, 40 springers & full line of equipment! 375 milking, 55 dry cows, 40 close springers! 230 1st calf, 115 2nd calf, 85 3rd lactation & up. 300 Of the finest sire ID heifers to ever sell on June 5th
May 15 The Lure of Lylehaven. High seller was a 1st Choice Sanchez from Calbrett Shottle Lisamaree sold to Lylehaven for $30,000. Second high was Windy-Knoll-View Pamela-ET EX-91 93-MS, selling for $29,000 to Adam Liddle of Argyle, NY. A total of 17 lots sold for $10,000 or higher! Avg of $6,705 on 108 full lots
May 9 Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale High price of $44,200 for Talent dtr of Thrulane James Rose EX 97, 2nd high is Dundee dtr of Rose, a total of 13 lots sold for $10,000 or higher! $7,929 on 86 full lots
May 2 Goldcrest Golden Opportunity. The high seller was Cowtown Durham Luella-ET, a Durham daughter from the former World Dairy Expo Grand Champion, Elleeta Skybuck Lucy. Luella sold for $15,200 to Jonathan & Alicia Lamb of Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY. The second high seller is also headed to New York, to the home of Jeff & Stacia True of Perry. Goldcrest Shottle Cutie sold for $11,000, sale average coming. Lynden, WA
April 25 Lake Effect Holsteins Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal. Topping the sale at $5,800 was Lake-Effect BRT Cuteness-ET (VG-85 VG-MS). Fresh in November she carries 3 A.I. contracts for new owner Keith Nettekoven, Menasha, WI. Tied at $5,100 was Lake-Effect Goldwn Wondrous and Lake-Effect Durham Dania. The VG-86 Goldwyn completes 8 generations of VG or EX. She was purchased by John Mehling of Interlaken, NY. The EX EX-MS Durham sold due in October to Heather-Home Velvet and was the purchase of David & Dennis Hottenstein, New Albany, PA. 76 Holsteins avg $2,705 – 17 Jerseys avg $1635
Apr 16&17 Thunder Valley Farm Complete Dispersal of Cattle & Equipment. A large crowd attended both days of the auction and prices were strong both days. 480 cows sold the first day averaged right at $1,350.00 and 364 heifers the next day averaged right at $1,260. Short bred heifers were selling for $1,700 to $1,900 and heifers ready to breed or on service ran from $1,375 to $1,500. Cattle sold to several states including PA, MD, NY, VT, TX, OH, NJ, VA. Equipment selling on day 2 was well received with major attendance on hand. 480 cows avg $1350; 364 heifers avg $1260
April 10 New York Spring International Holstein Sale: Leading the way at the high bid of $25,000 was Lot 1 – 1st Choice Female from 3 Planet pregnancies due 10/09 from Ste-Pen Shottle Winemall-ET (VG-89 @ 2-09). This exciting young Shottle daughter is #4 on the 4/09 CTPI list with +2386 and PTA’s of +2770M +114F +85P +4.05T. Winemall is from the same maternal family as Sanchez which includes her dam, Gen-Mark Oman Winsome (VG-88) who is contracted for embryos and sons to AI. The next 6 dams are all VG and EX, and include Henkeseen M Hillary-ET (3E-94 GMD DOM). The choice was consigned by the Winemall Syndicate that includes Steve & Rachel Vail, Jesse Holmes, Steve & Penny Bishop and was the purchase of Kristin Cantele of Sands Point, NY. Lot 6 would be the second high selling lot on the sale at $21,000, a 1st Choice Female from 10 Sanchez transfers due 11/09 from UFM-DUBS Sheray-ET (VG-88 EX-MS @ 2-11). Sheray is the #5 CTPI cow of the breed at +2386 PTA +1571M +100F +58P +4.19. She is a Shottle daughter of UFM-DUBS Eroy (VG-87 DOM), one of Roy’s highest indexing daughters with multiple sons in AI. The choice will be the pick of Rick VerBeek, Tunkhannock, PA and was consigned by Stephen Van Tassel of Millbrook, NY. The third high selling lot of the sale was the high live lot, Lot 2 – Arethusa Fortune Monterrey-ET. She is the first Fortune daughter to sell from the two-time Expo Grand Champion, Hillcroft Leader Melanie (3E-96). Oakfield Corners Dairy of Oakfield, NY was the winning bidder at $18,000 for this exciting heifer that was consigned by Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, CT.A total of 20 heifers and cows were also sold from the MooKown herd, the breeding of Robert “Whitey” McKown who passed away this past January. Whitey’s presence and impact on the Holstein business in NY and across the world was felt for many years having been the former Editor of /Holstein World/ and active enthusiast and breeder of Registered Holsteins. A donation calf was presented for sale as lot 5, MooKown Pronto R Loren, and was sold for $15,500 to the Whitey McKown Syndicate and then re-sold for $1,900 to Affiliated Sires (Foundation, Browndale & Taurus). The calf was then re-donated back to the sale and sold for the final price of $1,800 to Frank House, Central Square, NY. All money raised from the sale of this calf will go to the Whitey McKown Fund that will support two annual awards: the Robert “Whitey” McKown Scholarship and the Robert “Whitey” McKown Memorial Breeder Award 84 full lots avg $4,523
Apr 4 28th Cobleskill Dairy Fashion Sale The high seller was lot 9 – Ellbank Cherry Coke-Red-ET for $5300. She was consigned by Stuart Corlew of Ft. Edwards, NY and purchased by David King. She is a VG-88 Jordan daughter of Frogmore Cherry Red (3E-92). Just fresh March 9th, she looks like she could complete five generations of Excellent cows! The 2nd high seller was lot 2, Luncrest Shttle Moppet-1225. She is a September ‘08 Shottle out of Luncrest Durham Moot-989-ET (VG-88) and goes back to the Mary family from Autumn Ridge. The Lundy Family of Luncrest sold her for $4200. Avg of $2,191 on 70 full lots
Apr 2 Norz-Hill Farm Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal. Topping the sale at $10,100 was lot 7B, the first choice of 4 Shottle females due June 2009 out of Budjon-JK Jed Excellency, 2E-93, the next dam is Elegance EX-96. The pick was purchased by Ross Russell of Russell Spring, KY.
The high selling live animal was lot 2- Norz-Hill Durham Kelsey-ET who was purchased by Todd Galton of Nunda, NY for $10,000. Kelsey is a 1st lactation Durham daughter who was just recently raised to VG-89. Her dam is Norz-Hill Storm Khaki 3E-93, who also sold for $4200. Behind Khaki is 6 generations of VG or EX dams.
Avg $1,823 on 251 full lots
Mar 28 Elm Park Farms 17th Red Futures Sale A total of 10 lots sold for $5000 or more. The high price was $15,100 for Lot 11, Horstyle Elmpark Moy-RED-ET, a June 08 Mr Burns dtr of Horstyle Marshall Mindy EX 90, her GTPI is +1887. She was sold by Elm Park Farms and bought by Cedar Lane Farms, NJ. 2nd high at $14,000 was Lot 2 sold by Golden Oaks Farms and bought by Elm Park Farms. This was a 1st choice Goldwyn from Golden Oaks Perk Rae EX 90. Click here for press release Avg $3,024 on 92 full lots
Mar 20 Mer-Gold Holsteins Complete Dispersal (Owners Nate Goldenberg & Tom Mercuro) High seller $34,000, sale gross $601,500 Avg $6,788 on 87 full lots
March 7 Pintail Point Complete Dispersal The large crowd that ventured to The Pintail Point Dispersal in Queenstown, MD, was not disappointed by the quality herd that were a tribute to owner Louis Schaefer and herd managers Doug & Joan Seidel. Cattle were sold to seven states and the volume buyer was Mike Garrow, who selected seven head to join his herd in Chateaugay, New York. A total of 17 lots sold for $5000 or more. The top selling animal was struck off to Jim High & Rusty Herr of Oxford, PA. They selected Dirigo-Conant Regan-ET (EX-93 EX-MS) for $20,500. Regan is a 10/03 Silky Cousteau that freshened in October and is out of one of New England’s high profile brood cows, Brigeen-C Integrit Robin-ET (2E-95 DOM). Thus, Regan traces back to Queen of the Breed, Roxy. Roxy’s blood ran through the second high animal of the sale as well. A fancy 3/08 Baxter daughter commanded the price of $12,500 from Jeff Woods, Madison, WI. Pintail-Point B Rhonda is a daughter of the Goldwyn, Pintail-Point R Goldie (VG-87 2y). R Goldie’s dam is an EX Durham sister to Brigeen Skychief Roxy (EX-93). Woods also added R Goldie to his ownership for $9,000. Heading Mike Garrow’s list was the 3rd high animal of the day, Pintail-Point Rudy *RC (VG-86, 2y), a Sepetmber Storm daughter of the high selling cow Dirago Conant Regan (EX-93). Rudy sold due 4/27 to Advent for $11,700. The quest for Red continued as Lee Emerson of Middletown, DE, paid $11,200 to own Greenlea SS Caress-Red-ET (VG-88, 2y EX-MS). Caress is due 4/13 to Advent for another run at an All-American R&W nomination. Her dam is the multi-award winner, Yursden Kite Caramac-Red (EX-92). Avg $3,457 on 113 lots
Feb 12 Valentine Special Sale: The Valentine Special Sale saw encouraging and realistic prices for the cattle offered. Young milk cows were steady in the $2,000+ range and the more choice individuals rose to $3050. The high individual of the sale was Arethusa Advent Mustang-ET *RC. Due to freshen in June, this stylish individual is an Advent daughter out of Arethusa Mercedes-SS-ET (VG-88, 2y) 2-04 365 28,770 4.4 1260 3.1 901. Mercedes is a full sister to Arethusa SS Melody (EX-91). Their dam is the 3X All-American Hillcroft Leader Melanie, the 2004 Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo. She was consigned by Arethusa Farm of Litchfield, CT and purchased by James Hoffman of Tumbling Run Holsteins of Tamaqua, PA for $7,600.
Two individuals tied for 2nd high of the sale at $4,200. The consignment of Edgar King of Schuylerville, NY was a 6/07 Jenny-Lou Marshal with a PTPI of +1705. Her dam is King-Ransom Stmtc Lilly-ET (EX-92) 4-04 365 41,890 4.0 1669 3.2 1331. The 2nd dam is EX-92 GMD DOM and then VG-85 GMD and VG-88. She became the property of Corwin Holtz of Dryden, NY. The other individual bringing $4,200 was Quality Fame Fanci, a bred heifer by Quality Sky Fame, and out of Quality Leduc Fancy (2E-90 CAN) 6-04 365 27,291 3.4 935 3.3 891. Her 2nd through 4th dams are EX and the 5th dam is Plushanski Chief Faith (4E-94). She was offered by Friendship Partners, Strasburg, PA and purchased by Dennis Meyers of Glenrock, PA.
Avg $2059 on 88 full lots
Jan 29 & 30 Keystone Dairy Ventures / Red Knob Farm Sale– click here for full market reportThe finest cows on the farm fetched $1,800.00 to $2,350. Three quartered cows or blemished cows sold for $850.00 to $1,200.00.

  • Bred Heifers:
  • Heifers bred six to nine months ran $1,650.00 to $2,100.00
  • Heifers bred three to six months $1,400.00 to $1,650.00
  • Heifers bred less than three months: Virtually no market at this time. Ten heifers were sold for average price of under $1,200.00.

* Heifers bred with sexed semen averaged at least Two Hundred dollars higher than other heifers bred AI with conventional semen.

Avg $1485 on 1271 head
Jan 15 New York Convention ET Sale, held in conjunction with the New York Holstein Convention
Topping the sale was Lot #45, a first choice female sired by Golden-Oaks St Alexander-TE and from Ste-Pen Shottle Winemall-ET (VG-88) with a CTPI of +2414. Unofficially the fourth highest CTPI cow in the breed, Winemall has new PTAs of +2835M +117F +93P +840NM$ +4.03T and +3.6PL. Winemall is from the same family as Sanchez. Consigned by Vail, Holmes & Bishop of Delhi, NY, the choice was purchased for $22,000 by Don Hosking of Hobart, NY. The second high seller at $15,000 was Lot #7, a first choice England-Ammon Million from Coyne-Farms Shottle Yup-ET (VG-87). Yup, has new numbers of PTA +2179M +110F +78P +4.8PL +796NM$ and +2248GTPI. The choice was consigned by Coyne Farms of Avon, NY, and purchased by Jason Menne, West Union, IA.
$6,564 on 35 full lots

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