Dec 15 PA Holstein Holiday Sale, 4 head over $4,000 with high price at $6,800 for Windsor-Manor Lite Rudi-Red, a sensational, Red Kite daughter fresh in September, and milking 83lbs. a day. Rudi’s dam is the popular Rubens daughter, Windsor-Manor Rubn Ruby-Red (2E-92) with a best record of 4-09 2 365d 34,940 3.3 1148 2.9 1006. Ruby’s Advent choice sold in the 2006 Greenlea Sale for $11,000. Consigned by Red enthusiast Richard Green, Middletown, DE, Rudi sold for $6,800 to Lee Emerson, also of Middletown. The second high seller at $5,650 was Spring-Fed Roxson Dutz, a 6/04 Karnvilla Roxson daughter due in January to Quality Fabulous. Her dam is a VG-85 Jolt from Pamtom with 31,000M, followed by a VG-88 *RC cow from Fradon with over 100,000 lifetime milk. The next four dams are all VG and EX in Canada, tracing back to Bridon breeding. Consigned by Stonehurst Farm, Strasburg, PA, the springing heifer was purchased by Tom & Elaine Comstock of Ulster, PA. 79 lots averaged $2,647
Dec 1st The Royal Flush Sale:

  • High selling female $29,000 – 1st choice female MAS from Windy-Knoll-View Pledge-ET EX 92 (Outside), 2nd dam 2E 95 Promis (Rudolph), 3rd dam 3E 94 Ultimate Pala. Sold by Windy-Knoll View Farm, PA and purchased by the Pledge Syndicate c/o Fred Lang, WI
  • High selling bull sold for $100,000 to the 4 Aces Syndicate c/o Corey Wolff, he is a Shottle son from EX 92 Pledge, the dam of the high selling female!
  • 14 lots brought over $10,000


54 lots averaged $10,387
Nov 14 Boggy Meadow Farm Complete Disperal – 384 cows & 2 yr old heifers averaged $1,821 and 170 yearlings & calves averaged $938. High price was $3,700 with 10 head at $3,000 or more. 554 head averaged $1550
Nov 4 Ridgedale Farm Sale – There was a top of $48,000 and eight more bringing five-figure prices. Wayne and Jenny Conard, with son Cyrus and Wayne’s folks, Willis and Pat, provided a wonderful group of cattle, with particular outstanding heifers all carrying consistently strong pedigrees from some of the breed’s most noted cow families and individuals. Star of the sale and bringing the day’s top price of $48,000 was lot #1, a milking 2-yr-old daughter of the famed Shoremar S Alicia-ET (3E-97). Just scored VG-86 after freshening two months ago, she was the picture of dairy refinement from nose to tail and sired by Renaissance Triumphant, the Jed son with the high type proof. Bidding was brisk before Gerald Cacciola, Cobleskill, NY outlasted contender Howard Binder of Ft. Lupton, CO. Binder, with partner Clark Woodmansee, bid $22,000 to get Annette’s September Stormatic heifer and $10,200 to take a July heifer by Damion from the Lee daughter of Alicia’s sister, Adeen (2E-94). Jack Pennings from Warwick, NY, bought the second high seller here at $27,000… a red March heifer by Talent from the Roxy family. Ridgedale Cinna Rose-Red-ET, paired in the ring with her ET full sister, is from Ridgedale-T Rehema-Red-ET, just raised to EX-91 from VG-88, becoming a seventh generation EX in direct line from Roxy. The ET full sister, also red and also fancy, sold for $20,500 to Fred Strouse, Bob Morrell, Tim Merwarth & Frank Connelly of Cochranton, PA.
9 head sold for over $10,000 and 25 at $5,000 or more!
$5,053 on 99 full lots
Oct 28 The New York Harvest Sale. Topping the sale was a beautiful Oman daughter with extraordinary contract appeal. Kings-Ransom Oman Erin-ET *TV (VG-85, PTPI +1866) sold with contracts to Genex, ABS, Select and Alta, along with interest from Japan for embryos. With a record in progress of 2-00 3x 134d 13,350 4.4% 588 2.9% 382, Erin’s last test weighed in at 102lbs. Erin’s dam is a VG-86 Ralena Bullet with a record of 3-08 3x 365d 40,200 4.2% 1675 2.9% 1166. The next dam is EX-90 with over 184,000LTM, then a 2E-90, GMD-DOM cow with over 192,000LT and two more VG dams. Consigned by Kings Ransom, Schuylerville, NY, the 2-yr-old sold for $27,000 to Dr. Barry & Diane England, Williamsburg, PA.The second high seller at $12,000 was Mar-Bil Throne Gypsy-ET, a VG-85 Throne daughter with PTPI +1619M and a last test of 112lbs. 3.3%F and 2.9%P. Gypsy hails from one of the breed’s more successful and prolific AI families, and also sold with AI contracts and much more interest! Her dam is the EX-90 Mtoto Gigi-ETS *TV with 37,680 3.7% 1402 3.0% 1131 at 4-07. She is a maternal sister to Mar-Bil Oscar Genoa-ET (EX-92, GMD-DOM) and comes from the VG-88, GMD-DOM Mar-Bil Cleitus Grace. Consigned by the Inman family of Mar-Bil Farms, Bovina Center, NY, Gypsy was purchased by Dave Rama, acting as agent.
Close behind at $11,000 was West-Hope Rubens Cara-Red (EX-93, EX-94-MS), the HM All-American Red & White Sr. 2-Year-Old from 2004. Selling in absentia because she’s working on a 40,000lb. record, Cara’s last milk weights were 152, 144, 130 and 141. Consigned by Walker Farms LLC & David Rama, Fort Ann, NY, Cara sold to Buttke Dairy Enterprises, Randleman, NC. Cara’s 6/06 red Advent heifer also sold and was purchased for $8100 by Ferme Guayclair, Chatham, QC.
The Cornell Dairy Club worked diligently to prepare cattle for the sale, with Dan Murray serving as sale chairman. Managed by The Cattle Exchange, Delhi, NY, participating herds included Gaige Farms, Oakfield Corners, All-Riehl, Welcome Stock, Mar-Bil, Ladyholm, Tyrbach, Lake Effect, Ovaltop, Pineyvale, Joleanna, Tiger Lily, Kings Ransom, Liddleholme, Markland, Ziems, Willow Marsh, Fly Higher, George Farm, McGarr Farms, Valley Dell, Spring Fed and Screaming Eagle.
average of $4056 on 99 full lots.
Oct 24 NY Holstein Heifer Sale.  Sponsored by NY Holstein Assn.  Held at the Broome County Fairgrounds.  High seller at $2,250 221 hd avg $1,295
Oct 19 Whippernock Holsteins Complete Dispersal
348 total head from oldest cow to youngest calf averaged $1,561.78. The cows and bred heifers averaged approx $1,750.00 240 head.
total volume was $543,500.00 A good crowd was on hand.
Top cow was lot 999 for $3,250. a fresh 2nd calf Roy from a G-78 dam w/24,000M sold to Rachel Parker in Crewe, VA.
Cattle sold to 5 states with many traveling to NY and Pa.
348 hd avg $1561
Oct 12 Keystone Farm Complete Dispersal – 8 head sold for $10,000 or more and 34 sold at $5000 or more! High seller was Keystone Durham Dream EX 91 8th gen EX from the Joyce family! She was purchased by Gene & Anne Merriman, Cazenovia, NY. 142 full lots averaged $4,671
Sept 9 The Morrisville College Autumn Review Sale. Topping the sale was Lot #1, a first choice female from 11 transfers from D-J Durham Sap *TV (VG-88). This Durham daughter has several sons in AI and 3 VG daughters to date, all with AI interest. Sap completed her best record at 2-00 2 365d 33,420 4.4% 1468 2.9% 969. The next dam is a VG-85 Bellwood with 3-10 2 365d 45,062 4.7% 2122 2.9% 1303 (1st NY Fat). Consigned by Andrew Merry, Lismore Dairy, Arkport, NY, the choice was purchased for $5,000 by Tom & Nancy Murray, Waterloo, NY. Two other consignments reached the $5,000 level, including Maple-Dream SS Bethany-ET, a 4/06 September Storm from Maple-Dream Rub Blossom-Red (EX-90). Blossom, with 26,000 as a 3-yr-old, is out of a VG-87 Linjet with over 100,000LT then an EX-90 Red dam. Consigned by Mary Klecha of Greene, NY, Bethany was purchased by Sue Mower & Dennis Treen of Curtin Dairy, Cassville, NY. The third $5,000 seller was Stonecree Adv Flirt-Red, a 9/05 Advent daughter of Stonecree Factor Festive-Red (2E-93). Festive has over 135,000LT to date, and is out of C Riversite Dynam Josie-Red (3E-94), the 1997 HHM All-New York Aged Cow. Consigned by Jim Gagnon and John Marshman, Greene, NY, the lot was purchased by Charles Van Wie, Clarksville, NY. The sale was run by the Morrisville State College Dairy Club students, with Dave Rama serving as auctioneer and Jeff King performing pedigree duties. 82 full lots averaged $2,520
July 15 Sam-Sim Holsteins Select Sale: Averaged $2,989 on 49 lots, high price was $10,000 with 3 others over $5,000 $2,989 on 49 lots
June 3 Oblong Valley Celebration Sale: An incredible group of Jersey cattle filled the barns at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY, at the Oblong Valley Celebration Sale. The sale featured over 130 quality lots from the Peter Vail and Beneke families. Topping the sale with much excitement at $40,000 was Lot #15, Extreme Electra (EX92). Selling fresh in April, Electra will be hitting the tanbark trail as a Sr. 3-year-old for the 2006 show season. Electra’s 2005 show record includes 1st at the NY State Fair, 2nd at WDE, and 3rd at the All-American in Louisville. Diamond-C Cattle of FL, JCL Land & Cattle and Entourage Farm of OK and Cybil Fisher of WI are the new owners. Selling for $31,000 was Lot #3, Arethusa Primetime Deja Vu-ET, a September 2005 Primetime out of the world reknowned Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J who just scored EX 95 at only 20 days fresh. The fancy heifer will be calling Garnett, KS, home with Ron and Christy Ratliff as the new owners. Rounding out the top three sellers at $20,000 was Lot #1, Griffens Cover Girl, also a 2005 September model sired by Connection and out of the many time champion Griffen (EX-94). Adding some color the their wonderful Holstein herd was Charlie Bean of Rolling Spring, PA. What a crew…the sales force of Mike Heath, Mike Deaver, Dan Upchurch, Ernie Kueffner, Dave Parkinson, Brian Sayles and Andrew Vander Mulen captured the bids for auctioneer Dave Rama while Norm Nabholz provided the pedigree information and entertained the crowd. $4,899 avg on 123 full lots
April 13 NY Spring Holstein Sale Two animals exceeding the $12,000 mark topped the New York Spring Holstein Sale held last week during the Spring Dairy Carousel. Cowtown Outside Tobi, a Outside from Tobis Durham Toronto (VG-87) sold for $12,900 to Steve Addis, Rocky Face, GA. Selling in service to Dundee, Tobi was consigned by Cowtown Holsteins, Derby Line, VT. Her dam, a full sister to Tobis Durham Titan-ET, hails from Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi-ET (2E-96, DOM), the former All-Canadian and Res. All-American Stardust. Selling for $12,300 to Steve Louis, Richland Center, WI, was Luncrest Shtle Moxy-1082-ET, a 1/06 Picston Shottle from Luncrest BWM Mischief-883 *TV *TL (VG-88) with 2-08 2 365 29,310 3.7 1083 3.2 929. The next six dams are all VG and EX, and go back to the well-known Col-Ray Barrett Mary (2E-93, EX-MS, GMD-DOM) from Autumn-Ridge. The extra fancy young calf was consigned by William & Regina Lundy, Granville, NY $3537 on 115 full lots
March 30 Bricdale Complete Dispersal – High seller was $3,775 and there were a total of 8 lots at $3,000 or higher $2,023 on 102 lots
Mar 25 Elm Park Red Futures Sale – Commanding the most attention and bringing a new all time high for this sale series was Lot 1. Elm-Park Tiara-Red-ET is the only Talent offspring of New-Visions Rubens Tory (EX-92). Tory hails from Alanvale Inspiration Tina (EX-95), via the EX-94 Storm Tobiana and the EX-96 SD Tobi. Tiara-Red sold with a 20 embryo contract with daily offers for more embryo purchases. Bidding quickly rose and Tiara is now owned by Anne Hulle, Sheldon, WI, for the commanding price of $45,000. $3,076 on 147
Mar 10 Clover Valley Farm Complete Dispersal, Clover-Valley Dchboy Ailis sold for $5200 to Kenneth Smith, Remington, VA, and topped the sale. A VG-87 Dutch Boy bred in January to Honeycrest Elegant, Ailis completed a first record of 2-00 3 365d 35,800 4.7 1667 3.0 1087, a 1st NJ fat record. The second high seller at $4050 was also purchased by Smith, Jon-Lin Durham Angie. Due 10/06 to R-E-W Buckeye, Angie’s last test was 97lbs., 2.8%F and 2.9%P. The herd, owned by Fritz Wainwright III, was one of the greatest production herds to ever sell, and averaged 27,042M 3.8% 1023F 3.0% 815P on 320 head $1,959 on 410 head
Mar 4 Greenlea Invitational III, Another consecutive “dream” sale became reality on Saturday as Richard Green’s Greenlea Dream Invitational proved to be a resounding success! The high selling animal, Carrousel Rbn Raquel-Red (VG-89), sold for $70,000 to Mark Welk, Quarryville, PA. This beautiful Rubens daughter of the famed Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red (3E-94) was Res. Grand Champion of the Int’l Red & White Spring Show in 2005, and also nominated All-American Red & White Jr. 3-Year-Old. Consigned by the sale host, Raquel was sold due this spring to Advent. Other commanding prices included Carrousel KT Ronnie Red, a 9/03 Kite from Carrousel Mis Rona-Red (2E-90) selling for $51,000 and the HHM Junior All-American Winter Calf for 2005, Welk-Shade Tarrason Kamilla, selling for $15,000. $8,000 on 92 lots
 Jan 12 New York Convention ET Sale – High price of $20,000 for EX 91 Encore dtr of 3E 96 Linjet Murphy, bought by Greenlea & Stonehurst, the 2nd high of $18,500 for EX 91 Pinehurst Rhyme, bought by Matthew & Kevin Groff! Separating them out the 16 embryo lots averaged $2,894 and the Live Cattle and choices averaged $7,166! $5,369 on 38 lots
 Jan 11 Bis-May Farm Complete Dispersal averaged $1955 on 127 full lots. The high price was $3700 with 9 others selling for over $3000. 127 full lots avg $1,955

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