Dec 14 & 15
Sale grossed $1.3 million worth of cattle. Top cow sold for $3,000 and 1st day, 372 cows and 30 bred heifers averaged $1,819 on 402. A good crowd was on hand for 2 of the coldes days in recent memory. Equipment prices were very strong. $1,819 on 402 head.
Dec 10 PA Holstein Holiday Sale: Thorncrest E Solitaire, an extra fancy 12/03 Encore, topped the sale at $4700. Solitaire, a full sister to the 2003 All-American Summer Yearling, Thorncrest E Solitude (VG-87, 2y), is out of an EX-91 Stardust dam w/ 5-06 2 365 31,580 4.5 1433 2.9 903. Consigned by Fieldstone Farm, Delhi, NY, she became the property of Stevie Stoltzfus, Honey Brook, PA. Warren Winter, Hillsboro, KS, purchased the second high seller at $4350. She was Briggskill Rdlph Daylite II, an EX-91 Rudolph due at sale time to Comestar Outside. Daylite was one of several consignments from the Briggskill Dispersal, home of former Holstein classifier, Ray Briggs of NY. Briggskill had a 6/04 BAA of 107.8% on all homebred animals, and have bred 32 EX and 221 VG cows in recent years. $2,220 on 117 lots
Nov 20 East Coast Breeders Sale: High price of $9,700 with 6 head selling for over $5000.
$2,966 on 95 head
Nov 6th RIDGEDALE FARM SALE: A large crowd attended the sale. The Conard family, Willis Sr and Pat, Wayne and Jen and Judy Conard, had put together terrific cattle from several key families. The high seller at $40,000 was lot #8, Miss Ridgedale Rhonda ET (VG-87, 3y) due in December with her 2d calf, bred to Shoremar James. A lovely young cow with a great dairy frame, this potential fifth generation EX from the heart of the Roxy family is from the 4E-94 GMD DOM C Hanover-Hill-R Rhonda – TW, by Leadman with 1562f, and the next dam is the 2E-92 famed C Hanoverhill Star Roxy-ET, the full sister to Raider. The 3rd dam Roxette EX-GMD-DOM and the 4th dam the Queen of the Breed Roxy herself. Adam Liddle, Argyle, NY was the buyer. $5,509 on 79 head.

64 embryos average $1,206!

Oct 23rd NY Holstein Harvest Sale – 10 head sell for $5,000 or more. High price is $8,900 on Lot 2, 1st choice Roylane Jordan from Alicia’s VG 87 – 2yr Leduc daughter, sold by Ziems Farms to Mike & Emily Berby, In.
Avg of $3,108 on 107 lots
Oct 22nd
NY HOLSTEIN FALL HEIFER SALE, High price of $2,850, very strong prices right through
Avg of $1,519 on 279 lots.
Oct 16th 1st Annual New England Heifer Sale, Jay Roebuck Sale Manager, Cattle Exchange assisting. 250 Registered & Grade Heifers Turner, ME
Oct 11th Hosking Farm Complete Dispersal 6 head over $5,000. High price of $21,700 on a fresh Durham dtr from Wilcoxview Rudi Calli-ET EX 90, 2nd dam is AA Sr 3 Yr old 1999, EX 93 Wilcoxview BC Cami-ET. She was purchased by Steve Smith & Vision Genetics.
127 lots averaged $2,749
Oct 5th
PAU-GLO DAIRY COMPLETE MILKING HERD DISPERSAL, 10 head sold for over $2,500 with the high price of $2,900.
82 full lots averaged $2,155
Sept 25th
MARCOVE HOLSTEINS COMPLETE DISPERSAL, High price of $3,150 on a fresh 3 yr old Comestar Leader daughter, purchasc by Raymes Sinan of Home, PA.
126 full lots averaged $1,851
Sept 24th
Spring Lane Complete Dispersal, two head topped the sale at $5,300 each on Spring-Lane Eland Eva-ET, a two-year-old daughter of an EX-91 Formation tracing back to one of the foundation cows, Great-View Apollo Beautiful (2E-93 EX-MS GMD DOM). She was struck off to Walkup Holsteins of VA The other cow at $5,300 was Spring-Lane BW Marsh Amy-ET (GP-83). She sold to Scott Cooper of PA with a contract and contract interest. This young cow showed her seven nearest dams all VG or EX.
138 lots averaged $ 2192
Sept 11th Morrisville Autumn Review Sale – High seller was $5,000 for a Dec 2003 daughter of Jolt from 3 EX dams. Averaged $2,387 on 95 lots
Sept 10th Ellbank Farm 70th Anniversary & Complete Dispersal. High price was $7,300 for Rubens dtr of Frogmore Cherry Ranger-RED EX 92. Averaged $2,319 on 85 lots
Aug 21st Wormont Holsteins Production Sale. averaged $2,044 on 546 head. The entire sale of 656 head averaged $2,003(includes all grades, registered, and cattle consigned by Ken & Pat Worden and David Rama). High seller was $3,600 $2,003 on all animals
Aug 5th Tyler Hill Farm milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal. $1,725 on all lots.
July 29th Solid Gold Holsteins Dispersal had 12 lots that sold for $4000 or higher. High seller was lot 51, a VG 86 Jed Approval from C Kenabara Jethro Sasha 3E 96, she was purchased by Bobby Hoffman, Ft Plain, NY for $8,200. Lot 1, the Dutch Boy dtr of Miss SolidGold LL Lash VG 88 + 1890CTPI was 2nd high at $7,900 purchased by Corey Wolff. . $2,120 on 152 lots
July 17th Bacon Hill Bonanza Sale,. High seller was $48,500, Kings-Ransom BMar Ruth TV, a VG 87 BW Marshall with multiple AI and embryo contracts, she was purchased by Palmyra Farm from MD. Over 400 people attended the picnic and sale. $4,438 avg on 115 lots
June 24 Ho-Crawf Complete Dispersal. The sale had 6 head sell for over $4,000 with 2 lots tied at $5,000 for the high sellers. 147 lots avg $2,278
June 5 Edenbrook Holsteins Complete Dispersal The sale featured 50 members of the great Justine family of which 13 generations are still on the farm. KED Allen Juliani topped the event at $24,000. With three maternal brothers in A.I., and interest from ABS, this VG-86 Allen daughter from KED Duster Julienna (EX-93) was purchased by Shawn Charles, Cochranton, PA. Charles also purchased the third high seller at $10,000, a March ’04 Hidden-View Best daughter of Juliani. Selling for $17,000 was KED Duster Juliemma-ET, an EX-91 Duster from KED Mark Justine (VG-88, GMD-DOM), the dam of Juror. Juliemma has one son at ABS, and completes nine generations of VG and EX. Aaron Schlauch of Big Prairie, OH, became her new owner. 23 lots sold for $5000 or higher. 102 lots avg $4082
May 29th Sycamore Hill Farm Complete Dispersal 10 lots over $10,000! High seller was Lot 17, SHF Renaissance Frost-ET at $60,000 selling to Ernest Kueffner of MD. $5,356 on 126 full lots!
May 22 Chapel Bank Farm Complete Dispersal Top seller at $10,000 was Chapel-Bank Orion Thalia-ET. Fresh in March, with PTA’s at +1419M +61F and +50P and a latest test of 122lbs. Her contract potential attracted the final bid from Mountfield Farm of Marcellus, NY. Second high was an EX-91 Skychief daughter at a final bid of $8600 from Jim Janes, Berlin, WI. Due in December to September Storm, she was backed by three VG dams and working on her 4-01 record of 3x 273d 24,702 4.2 1072 2.9 743 (Inc.). Cattle reached new homes in ten states. The Jersey portion of the sale saw an average of $2004 on 22 head. The sales top was Piedmont Furor Goldie-ET, a recently fresh Jr. two-year-old prospect out of Bonnyburn Juno Grace (EX-94). A bid of $11,200 from Dianne Dice, Fredericksburg, PA, purchased the young cow Holsteins: $2,438 on 177 lots

Jerseys: $2,004 on 22 lots

May 8th Cornell-Crest Holsteins Complete Dispersal All were grades with 5 head selling for $4,000 or higher! High price was $4,500! 370 cows averaged $1,750. $1,468 on 697 head
Apr 30 & May 1 The Best of Buttke Two-Day Sale Day Two of the event featured 567 registered cattle going through the ring, averaging $2903. Two animals tied for top selling honors at $16,000, one of which was Oseeana Sweet Adrienne-ET, a VG-86 Inspiration from Tri-Day Ashlyn (EX-96). Adrienne hails from one of the most successful and prolific cows in the industry, Ashlyn, who has 7 EX full sisters (including 4x All-American Adeen) and 3 EX full brothers. The buyer of this 4-year-old donor dam was Jeff Woods, Madison, WI. Sharing the spotlight as high seller of the day was Hovanec Manat Carena-ET *CV *TL, a VG-85 Manat from Ricecrest Convincer Cara (VG-85). Fresh in September, Carena sold with AI contract interest and was bred to Sosa in March. Her new owner is Dennis Neuhaus, Hoyleton, IL.
Best of Buttke avg $2,903 on 567 head
Apr 23 Hidden View Holsteins Complete Dispersal High price was $22,000, 2 others at $15,000 & $11,000. 43 lots sold for over $4000! Two daughters out of Emory Beauty (EX-90, GMD-DOM), were the sale tops. Hidden-View Butterfly led with a price of $22,000 on a syndicate bid from Jerry Musser. Second high was Hidden-View Beth at $15,100, purchased by Mervin Brubaker. Both were VG-86 and sired by James and Convincer respectively.
$3,821 on 151 full lots
Apr 17 LONG-BROOK MILKING HERD & SELECT HEIFER SALE, 13 head brought over $3500 with the high seller being Lot 11 at $9,600, purchased by Mark VanMersbergen of Lynden, WA $2827 on 64 full lots.
Apr 15 NY Spring National Holstein Sale 34 sold for over $3,500 with the high price of $14,000 on EX Rudolph from Clark Woodmansee purchased by Tom & Nancy Murray. $3,503 on 92 full lots!
Apr 3 Clinton Camp Holsteins Complete Dispersal. Sale averaged $2389 on 171 full lots, high price of $13,000 on Lot 1. 23 head sold for over $3,000. Huge crowd of 500 – 600 in attendance! $2,389 on 171 full lots!
Mar 25 Elmer K & Sadie Mae Kauffman Complete Herd Dispersal plus farm equipment and mules.High seller at $4,000 with 4 lots over $3,000
89 full lots averaged $1,919
Mar 18 McMurdy Brook Farm Complete Holstein Dispersal. 140 head (85 cows, 51 heifers) Freestall/Parlor trained. Owner: Wendell Martin
Mar 12 Oakview Farm Complete Holstein Dispersal Owners RR & JG Cosby High seller at $4,500 with 23 head bringing over $3,000
468 head averaged $1,740
March 6 Greenlea Dream Invitational Sale, owner Richard Green The sale was topped at $32,000 by Garstlyn Encore Rip (2E-95, EX-97-MS). Consigned by Richard Green and Mark & Kristina Welk, the Grand Champion of last year’s NY State Fair looked every bit the part of her 95 points at seven years of age. and sold to the Rip Syndicate, c/o Paul B. Zimmerman of Ephrata, PA. Second high seller of the day at $24,000 was Mac-Acres Fannie-Red (2E-94). Fannie, the unanimous All-American Red & White 5-year-old in 2003, sold to the Fannie Syndicate, c/o Robert Yeoman, Dover, OK. Forty-two Greenlea consignments averaged $6911, while the average of the total 98 lots was $4907.The cattle were prepared by Jon Scoville and his crew. 42 lots from Richard Green averaged $6,911

All 98 lots averaged $4,907

Jan 16 NY Convention ET Sale avg $3637 on 27 lots, 13 embryo lots averaged $1880 or $365/embryo. High seller at $8,500 was 2nd choice Titanic from Whittier Farms Christina, purchasd by Kevin Winter, KS.
27 lots averaged $3,637

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