Dec 19 PA Holstein Holiday Sale High seller at $10,500 was the Outside daughter of Markwell Leader Rose purchased by James Knapp
102 lots averaged $2,332
Dec 19 Heifer Sale 250 head of heifers held in the evening following the Holiday sale
287 head averaged $1185
Dec 16 Larry & Deb Yorletts Complete Dispersal; 350 head, 175 free stall trained cows, 175 heifers, 80 are bred. AI bulls used for over 40 years. Approximately 25% have registration papers, all others Sire ID’s; Herd average 20,700 3.9. Many cows milking up to 100#.
341 head averaged $1197
Dec 9 Allards Farm Inc. Dispersal 265 Holstein Cows, 115 heifers, Exceptionally clean, high-quality herd!
Hadley, MA
Dec 5 Janeland Herd Sale at the Great Northern Sales Arena
Nov 24 Vision-Gen Farm #1 Herd Dispersal $1,198 on 165 head
Nov 21 Walnut-Hill Dairy Complete Dispersal, 144 full lots averaged $2440 with 10 head over $5000! High seller was VG 86 Mtoto w/ 1987CTPI selling for $20,000 to Sharyn Abbott & Merry Rama. 2nd high at $15000 was a BW Marshall w/ $14000 Japan AI contract, fresh June 03. She sold to Walter McClure, VA. 144 full lots avg $2,440.
Nov 13 Shady Birch Farm Complete Dispersal averaged $1,292 on 262 lots all ages. High seller was $2,800 for a fresh Orion 2 yr old grade. 22 lots sold for over $2000. $1,292 on 262 head
Nov 6 Dispersal for Jim Slocum — 396 head sold, 17% of sale under 7 mos of age $1119 on 396 head
Nov 1 NY Holstein Harvest Sale at Cornell University 19 lots sold for $4000 or more. High price of $15,600 for Ashlyn’s VG 88 Inspiration dtr.
$3,050 on 115 lots
Oct 31 Sherwood Farm Production Sale high price of $6,700 for a fancy VG 85 Linjet daughter purchased by Dan & Sue Menendez, 2nd high was $6,000 for EX Skybuck purchased by David Pyle & Mike Sherwood $1,733 on 98 lots
Oct 25 New England Convention Sale The $5000 top was a daughter of LaPoe Shark, fresh in Sept. with her 3rd calf at 3y9m and milking 109 lbs. Erb-Mount Shark Blossom (VG-87, 3y) made over 25,000m 2d calf and is from an EX Duster dam twice over 900f and a VG Leadman 2d dam three times over 1000f. The consignor was Springdale Farms, Landaff, NH and the buyer was Larry Lumsden, Greensboro, VT. $1,996 on 72 full lots
Oct 23 COMPLETE DISPERSAL OF BOS-HAVEN HOLSTEINS. High price was $3,800 for a dtr of Bailee-RED. Bos-Haven Bailee Bell-RED VG 85 sold to C.James Wells of Culpepper, VA. $1,244 avg on 305 head!
Oct 13 CARTERS-DALE HOLSTEINS MILKING HERD DISPERSAL High price was $5,300, 8 others at $3000 or more. $2,127 on 104 full lots
$1,217 on 92 full lots
Oct 3 SHULTZ BROTHERS HOLSTEINS Complete Dispersal: . Topping the sale at $3350 was Shul-Bro Patron Glorie, a daughter of Brabant Star Patron-ET, she sold fresh August 10 and was purchased by R. Bryan Balmer, Lebanon, PA. Second high seller at $3300 was Shul-Bro Patriarch Gail, a 2-year-old daughter of Plushanski Jed Patriarch-ET, who sold just fresh. She was purchased by Nevin Horning of Lititz, PA. $1574 on 124 Lots
Sept 27 Lightning Ridge Holsteins Complete Dispersal: High price was $5300 on a fresh Durham 2 yr old from an EX 91 Encore. She was purchased by Doug Long, MI. 4 others at $4000 or more $1839 on 110 lots
Sept 20 Morrisville Autumn Review Sale: Top seller was Eastside Gibson Peg, a January ’01 Gibson daughter consigned by Jack Penning, Warwick, NY. Peg is out of a VG-88 Astre with over 33,000M as a 7-year-old, and over 178,000 lifetime. She was purchased for $3950 by Reid Hoover, Lebanon, PA. The second high seller was O-C-E-C Storm Michelle, a May ’01 Storm carrying a Comestar Lee embryo from Stookey Elmpark Jif-Red (EX-90). Michelle is out of an EX-90 Mason and a VG-89 Blackstar, C Jewett Blkstar Monica-ET, who has 10 sons in AI. Consigned by Scott Racha, Holland Patent, NY, she was purchased for $3700 by Douglas & Patricia Aukema, Chenango, NY.
$1834 on 112 lots
Sept 12 Moyer Village Farms Complete Holstein Dispersal. High price was $2675.00 $1,473 on 129 lots
Sept 5 Roedale Holsteins Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal. High price was $10,200 on Tri-Day Encore Fanny-ET EX 92, full sister to Ashlyn! Over 500 in attendance! $2,408 on 106 lots
Aug 6 The Holstein World Century Celebration Sale High price of $50,000 for Clone of Paradise. Avg of $5044 on 98 lots. $5044 on 98 lots
Aug 5 The Mark of Muranda, Avg of $3,888 on 91 lots. High price of $30000 for Rubens son of Beachlawn BW Lord Lily EX 93, $26000 for his full sister. $3888 on 91 lots
Aug 2 International Red & White Sale Avg of $2287 on 118 lots, $6500 high price $2287 on 118 lots
July 25 AIRCOVE HOLSTEINS 475 head sold, high cow was $2000, high heifer was $1700. Heifer sale was especially strong. $435,000 gross, $908 avg on 475 hd
7/19 Kissamee Holsteins Summerfest Sale Topping the auction was Gen-Mark BW Winnie-ET (VG-85, 87-MS), a fresh two-year-old BW Marshall consigned by Markland & GenetiCo of Macedon, NY. Projected to make over 28,000 in her first lactation, Winnie is out of Henkeseen Hills Windy (VG-86) x Henkeseen M Hillary-ET (3E-94, GMD-DOM). Incidentally, this is the second week in a row that a granddaughter of Hillary has topped a sale – last week being the Summer Event sale topper. Owning partners on Winnie reserved the right to bid, as the partnership was dissolved, and Mark Henning of Macedon, NY, was the successful buyer at $10,000 $2981 on 52 full lots
June 24 The North Carolina National Convention Silent Sale Topping the sale was a 1st choice female sired by Opsal Finley from the #1 CTPI cow, Whittier-Farms Christina-ET (VG-86). Christina completes 11 generations of VG or EX and is working on a projected record of 34,330M 1756F 1025P. Steve Louis, Applouis Holsteins, Richland Center, WI paid $16,200.00 to choose from 5 pregnancies due December 2003. William Burkhart, Jr., Magnolia, OH was the consignor. Average of $5,914.00 on 37 lots
June 23 North Carolina National Convention Sale 77 lots for a gross of $875,900. Topping the outstanding lineup at $100,000 was Ever-Green-View Elsa-ET (VG-88). Sold in absentia with contracts for embryos and bulls totaling over $250,000, this Aaron daughter was consigned by Donald J. Rottinghaus, Jeff Woods, and Tom Kestell, Stillwell, KS. She was selected by Mitch Hockett, David Falk, Sharon Norton, Raleigh, NC with Tom Kestell retaining an interest.
Average of $11,375.32 on 77 lots
June 7 Field of Dreams II Sale 260 head of Brown Swiss, Holsteins and Jerseys! The best of the breed!
West Union, IA
May 23 Cattle Exchange Spring Heifer Sale
May 6 C.L. Winters Holsteins Dispersal. 606 head sold, high seller at $2,600 was a VG Wade daughter from the Sully Blackstar Anita cow family. She was purchased by Marlin Schultz of Danville, PA. Her Manfred daughter was second high seller at $2200, purchased by David Pool of Robesonia, PA.
Avg of $1,112 on 606 head.
April 29 Bur-Le Acres Holstein Dispersal Large crowd in attendance. High price of $6,600 on lot #2 purchased by Scarlet Summer Holsteins of Muncy, PA. 7 head at or over $4000
Avg of $2,684 on 55 full lots
April 12 NY Spring National Sale High seller was the 10/02 Durham from Hanover Hill Ches St-Lue-ET 2E 94 at $8,900 sold to Tim Abbott
Avg of $2,822 on 82 full lots
Apr. 7 Rick & Dorrie Wolf Herd Dispersal topped at $3,900 with a good sized crowd attending. Equipment sold well. Gross Cattle Sale: $119,000
Avg of $1,804 on 65 lots
April 3
Perfection of Pen-Col Sale – Topping the sale at $52,000 was Pen-Col Aaron Cindy-ET, a VG-86 three-year-old sired by Dixie-Lee Aaron. Hailing from eleven generations of VG and EX dams, Cindy sold with several bull contracts to Select Sire Power and Semex, as well as numerous embryo contracts. Monte, William, & Kathy Olszewski of Johnson Creek, WI, were the buyers. The second high seller was Andora Emery Kadillac, a VG-87 daughter of Pen-Col Emery. One of the breed’s highest CTPI red carrier cows, she sold for $16,200 to Aaron Jorgensen of Weberville, MI.
Avg of $3,418 on 56 lots
Mar 29 Delaware Valley Green & Gold Sale was topped at $3,600 for Lot # 1. 16 embryo lots grossed $20,035. $1,737 on 45 full lots.
Mar 22 Elm Park Futures RED Sale, Topping the sale at $18,500 was Cedarwal Redrose Rubens-Red-ET, a red Rubens daughter who was 4th at 2002 International Red & White Show and sold with contracts. Consigned by Cedarwal Farms Ltd., Abbotsford, BC,and purchased by Elm Park Farms ltd.. Sellcrest Hobo *RC was the second high seller at $15,000. She is an EX red factor Rudolph, from the SFL Jubilant Hope family, Gary Sell, Watertown, WI consigned her and Dr. Paul K. Knier & Sunnyside Farms of Valders, WI were the successful bidders $2,655 on 131 Lots
Mar 8 Empire State Farm Dispersal, high price of $6000 for 6/02 Dutch Boy from Excelgen Manfred Brooke-ET VG 86 +1852 CTPI, next dam is Ricecrest Duster Brooke, then Luke Lauren then Southwind Kaye! She was purchased by Rebecca Darling of Nicholson, PA. $1,234 on 71 full lots
Mar 1 Liddle Acres Complete Dispersal, Kirk Liddle, owner. 85 head, line of equipment, 2000 bales of hay. Argyle NY
Feb 22 Six Corner Farm Select Sale high price at $4,500 for a MJR Blackstar Emory from 7 EX Dams all the way back to Ivanhoe Eve (dam of Elevation) $2,291 on 30 full lots for 6 Corner
Feb 15 Hemlock Acres Complete Dispersal of Cattle.  
Jan 24 NY ET Convention Sale averaged $3,644 on 25 lots. The high seller at $5300 was 1st choice Morty from Pen-Col Mtoto Dima-ET VG 86 +1817CTPI. Her dam is an EX 91 Commotion with 36,000. The choice was consigned by Kings Ransom Farm and purchased by Lauri Beggs of Heuvelton, NY $3,644 on 25 full lots.

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