Dec 14 The Canadian Influence Sale. The sale was topped at $5550 for Sept 2000 Encore consigned by Penn-Octo Holsteins and purchased by Buttke Dairy Enterprises,NC, the second high at $5500 was a July 2002 Durham from an EX Lindy daughter of Black Rose. She was consigned by Nick Raggie and purchased by Rustin Herr, PA. A total of 9 head brought $3000 or more. $2,096 on 88 full lots
Nov 15 Joy-Wil Holsteins Complete Dispersal. The sale was topped by a fancy Durham daughter, MS Joywil Durham Legacy, b: 4/4/01 and just checked pregnant. She was from a GP Skychief, 2nd dam VG 89 Wendylawn Lynda, next 2 dams both VG. She was purchased by Lynn Bell of Hillsborough, NJ. 2nd high at $4900 was a bred heifer, Joy-Wil Red-Marker Rene, b:10/16/2000 and due shortly to Throne. She was purchased by Stonehurst Farm, PA. $2,259 on 140 full lots.
Nov 2 New York Holstein Harvest Sale A large crowd attended the NY Holstein Harvest Sale. Sale topped by 1st choice Morty or Outside from EX 93 Ziems Airliner Iguana consigned by Ziems Farm and purchased by Joe Piskorawski of Ithaca. The second high of the sale, a Mar 02 Eland dtr of Gaige Highlight Tamara consigned by Jonathan Lamb and purchased by Larry & Beanie Hill for $5700. 21 different consignors consigned 2 – 15 lots, Ziems had the highest average of $3,855. $2,504 avg on 115 full lots.
Oct 26 New England Convention Sale was topped by a VG 86 Aaron daughter that sold fresh in July with a record in progress of 2-0 108d 9,606 3.5 338 2.8 266 (inc.) and several conditional contracts. She is from an EX 92 Emory w/ 3-8 40,600 3.6 1451, next 2 dams EX and then 2 VG dams. Dirigo Aaron Cherokee brought $14,500 from Juniper Genetics LLC, ME and was consigned by Natalie Keene. 15 others brought over $3000. $2,834 avg on 66 full lots
Oct 24 Silver-Shade Holsteins Milking Herd & Select Heifer Sale was topped by a July 2002 Air Magna dtr of Carousel Win Blanche VG 87 Winchester w/ +81F, +75P, +2792M, next dam Dixie-Lee Luke Blizzard VG 86, then 6 more gens of VG or EX dams. She was purchased for $14,000 by Sebago Holsteins & Kay-Ben Farms of Gorham, ME> $2,304 on 68 full lots
Oct 19 Reflections of Ricecrest Consignment Sale & PA Fall Festival Sale Reflections of Ricecrest averaged $7,296 on 25 full lots, high price of $70,000 on on Ricecrest Decision Darcy-ET VG 87 Decision dtr of Ricecrest Luke Lauren. She was purchased by Pen-Col Farms, PA. The PA Festival Sale averaged $3,033 on 54 full lots. High seller was a 2E-93 Emory dtr, Song-Meadow Emory Twink, purchased by C James Wells, VA for $9,700. RR: $7,296 on 25 lots
FF: $3,033 on 54 lots
Oct 14 Unique Style Holsteins Complete heifer dispersal averaged $1562 on 99 full lots. High seller at $3,800 was a 10/00 Leduc from a VG 88 Storm, her second dam an EX Mark and the 3rd dam VG 87. The buyer was Ed O’brien of Orange, MA.The sale featured 40 Leduc daughters, with breakfast hosted by Alta Genetics. $1562 on 99 lots
Sept 30 Hillside Farms Heritage of Hillside Sale. Sale was topped by a Convincer daughter of Rothrock Duster Lucy EX 92 at $13,000, purchased by Pen-Col Farms. 8 others sold for $3,000 or more. They are listed below with links to pedigrees.  $2000 avg on 80 lots.
Sept 21 Morrisville Autumn Review Sale – Sale was topped by a Lindy daughter with 4 out of 5 VG Dams. She was consigned by John Mayne and purchased by Ron Dechow of Little Valley, NY. The sale included the John Mayne dispersal whcih averaged $1,839 on 37 lots. 4 other head sold for $3000 or more. $2010 on 108 full lots.
Sept 19 Silvermine Holstein Dispersal. Sandra Frey Thomas. Sale topped by Red Marker VG 2 yr old, Belfontaine R Marker Anne purchased by Dylan M. Thomas of Lancaster, PA. 2 others brought over $3000. 10 grades averaged $1,426. $1691 on 68 full lots.
Sept 11 & 12 Meaganbrooke Complete Dispersal, St Albans, VT. Sale was topped at $2900 by a 7 yr old Registered Holstein from 6 generations of EX Dams. She was the only animal that sold that was identified. All others only had pregnancy information and fresh dates. Her daughter topped heifers on day two at $2100. $1192 on 468 Milking age females
$868 on 308 heifers and 12 bulls
June 22 Special Pre-Convention Holstein Sale & Pig Roast Special Pre-Convention Holstein Sale & Pig Roast -High seller was Lot #2, Tobis Durham Tiara-ET. This stylish, open ribbed fall calf sired by Durham from the famous Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi-ET (2E-96) who was 2001 All-Canadian and Reserve All-American 5-yr-old was the consignment of Ernest Kueffner, Boonsboro, MD. She sold for $22,600 to James High and partners of Strasburg, PA. Second high seller was Lot #62, MS Solid-Gold Rmar Lesha-ET. This Ricecrest Marshall-ET November heifer from Miss Solidgold LL Lash-ET (VG-89) was one of 30 members of the La-La family in the sale and consigned by Mike & Cynthia Weimer & Vision Genetics of Emlenton, PA. She was purchased for $16,000 by Darin Meyer, New Albin, IA $4,043 on 91 lots!
June 1 Cattle Exchange Classic & Heifer Sale Delhi, NY
May 23 Alben-Acres Holsteins & Meri-Acres Jerseys Dispersal. The high priced Holstein at $5000 was an Ex 91 Jed w/33,450M 4.3%F purchased by Fred Petzold of Hamilton, OH. The high priced Jersey was at $4800 for a 2yr old Rock Ella Remake from an 89 Lawman. She was also purchased by Fred Petzold of OH. Oakfield Corners Dairy was the volume buyer, taking 19 head. $2375 on 58 Holsteins
$2406 on 29 Jerseys
May 17 Mr. Destiny Farm Complete Dispersal had a Holstein high price of $4200 on lot 1, bought by Russ George of Arcade,NY. The high priced Brown Swiss was $3800 from Glen Lasher of Pine Plains, NY. High priced Jersey was $2800 for a grade. $2044 on 20 Brown Swiss
$1809 on 70 Holsteins
$1318 on 18 Jerseys
$1245 on 6 Ayrshires
May 2 Milmark Holsteins Complete Dispersal, High price was $5,900 on lot 1, purchased by Carpsdale Farm, Enosburg, VT. Buttke Dairy Enterprises of Randleman, NC was the volume buyer. $1885 on 142 full lots.
April 27 Cattle Exchange Classic & Spring Heifer Sale High price was $2,800, 12 calves sold for an average of $486. Steve Pheasant and Todd Galton were volume buyers. $1,496 on 144 lots Registered
$1,330 on 24 Grades
April 20 New Jersey Holstein Classic High price was $6,050 for Middlebush Cherry-RED, a 8/2/00 dtr of Paradox from an EX 91 Dam. Sold by Middlebush Farms and purchased by Kirby & Sheryl Horst,PA.
  $2,092 on 55 lots
April 13 NY Spring National Sale topped by 1st Choice Female from SD Tobi 2E 96 for $21,000, purchased by Doug Nelson of VT. 5 others over $10,000. $4,521 on 78 lots
4/6/2002 Del-Hollow Holstein Dispersal ,RRK Red-Marker Rizz-RED EX 93 topped the Del Hollow Dispersal at $34,000 going to Richard Green, DE. Rizz was the Res AA R&W 4 Yr Old in 2001 and is due in May to Rubens, carrying a bull. Check back for average. At least 5 others sold for over $10000. $3,436 on 118 lots.
3/23/2002 Red Futures Sale, hosted by Transworld Genetics, (assisting)  $3115 on 120 lots
3/22/2002 Brittania Holsteins Complete Dispersal Owners: High seller was a VG 87 2yr old Wade that sold to Jesse Druck, Airville, PA  $2368 on 92 lots
3/20/2002 Jacob Esh Dispersal, co-managed w/ Stonehurst High seller was a VG 88 4yr old Stardust  that sold to Lester McWilliams of Spring Mills, PA $2095 on 56 lots
3/8,9/2002 Van Exels Sale High seller was a 1st Choice Comestar Lee at $37,500 from Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET EX 96 selling to Arethusa Holsteins, CT.  $5,917 on 78 lots
3/2/2002 Delaware Valley Green & Gold Spectacular Sale High seller was a 1st Choice Taboo from Plushanski Amel Patty VG 85 at $3,950 from David Bishop to Jim Younker. 12 embryo lots averaged $1348.  $2164 on 20 lots.
1/25/2002 NY ET Convention Sale. High seller was $8200 for 1st choice Garter from Dixie Lee Win Abri VG 88. She was purchased by Don & Leonard Warner of PA $3916 on 32 lots

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